My First Big Post

February 29, 2008

Dear Diary

Well, here I am. I’m still doing a lot of sorting around and thinking about what I am going to do here. A lot of my thoughts and ideas are still being formulated. I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with this blog. It will eventually be a full-bodied, thoughtful, and resourceful blog… but I haven’t even decided on a theme yet! All in good time, like fine wine, as the saying goes. Right about now I sure can use catchy phrases like that, to keep me going.

It’s been a rough day. I think that my husband has finally realized he’s not going to get any work at his job. The situation is really crappy– the guy who was supposed to go away and give his old job to my husband hs decided to come back. He gave my husband one day’s notice. That was nothing short of dastardly. What’s even worse, is that the guy knows I stay at home with my four kids and my husband’s income is all we have (well, all we had). And the guy isn’t necessarily poor, either– his wife is a schoolteacher, one of the richest occupations in New York. The whole thing makes me upset… I shouldn’t even think about it.

So, I’ve been looking around for places to work, online. I have been doing some free-lance writing but I’m not exactly rolling in the dough yet. I’ve been out of the workforce for twenty years! Hubs is having a hard time finding a job that will support all six of us. It’s been three months like this, and some days (like today), I am weary.

We’ve been through tough times before and God has seen us through. I’d just feel better if we had a plan or if there was some kind of progress.

So I’m blogging, to “pen” my thoughts like I used to when I was a kid (back then, we had pencil and a notebook). I’m blogging to get involved in the blog world– the excitement, the thrill, the networks! Ah! And I’m blogging because I like to write, to type, and to just gab my head off.

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