September 25, 2008

Dear Diary

My MRI appointment was finally approved by the insurance company! It was a nail-biting experience to the last moment.

The last time I had an MRI was two years ago. Technology is changing fast! Then I used to have to lay on a table and it sould slide me in to a small cubby hole in this noisy, clanging cavern. Now, they have something called “Open MRI” where they have expanded the cubby hole. It’s much more comfortable. It’s still clangs noisily, though. And the hard steel table isn’t much better. But I was thankful for the additional elbow room.

And MRIs used to be printed on film– those big black x-ray sheets that you see in the movies. Not any more! I was given a CD this time. All my photos of my innards are on disk now. I got to see what my spine looks like. I thought I’d share, because sharing is nice, right? Actually, I find stuff like this fascinating. Look how the body is designed!



These are photos of my spine, looking sideways. Those little white disks are the gel-like cushions between the bony vertebra. You can also see that one of them is squished and protruding. That’s what causes the pain- the disk protrudes out and presses on my sciatic nerve. All those years of tree-cutting and heavy labor probably weakened this area, I guess. So I need to again get that disk back where it belongs. Aren’t these images amazing!?

I’m doing better. I spend about half my day up and about now. I still get very tired and my oomph is still not full-steam yet, but I do feel better. šŸ˜€

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14 Responses to “My MRI”

  1. Toni Says:

    ugghhh! Hope you get completely healed soon!

  2. Lisa Says:

    Oh man, that does look painful.. Hope you get better!!

    Sending {{{hugs}}} your way!

  3. Hilary Says:

    Wow … after seeing those images I can almost say “I feel your pain!”

    So, what’s next? Please don’t say surgery. 8-(

  4. Karen Says:

    Ow! No wonder you hurt!

  5. Talen Says:

    Take care and I hope it gets better soon. I’ve had two blown discs and I know exactly how bad the pain of a herniated disc can be. Not fun at all.

  6. Theresa Says:

    Wow, you did a number on that disk! I had the same one removed back in 1990, and have a huge 5″ scar to prove it. Nowadays, they do it so noninvasively that you’re back in no time at all. Plus, you won’t have the scar tissue to deal with. To be honest, my back is in no better shape than before the surgery, but without it, I would’ve ended up paralyzed. So, do what you gotta do!

  7. Karen C. Says:

    OUCH! Very cool, but very ouch! How do they fix that?

  8. Lynne Says:

    Oh my! What can they do for you and your back now that they know what the problem is?

  9. Carole Says:

    That is so cool that you shared your images, it IS really interesting!
    But wow. That looks so painful!!! šŸ™
    I’m gonna say a prayer for you right now.
    Hope you continue to feel better!

  10. Jeff Says:

    To this point, I could not have told you what a herniated disk was. Add another to the many who have thanked you for sharing the pictures!
    It’s great to see your having such a positive outlook and I hope you recovery continues. And fast!

  11. Rebecca Says:

    *wipes tear*

    Thanks for your words of encouragement, friends. šŸ™‚

    I am feeling GREAT today!! Almost no pain and I’m sitting up to type this. I also took no meds last night to sleep. Thank you for your prayers! God is good!

    P.S. The doc and I have discussed surgery in the past a few times, but I am not favorable toward it. For one, I’m still young and strong and can handle the pain (most of the time) when this flares up. Two, surgery isn’t always successful. The scar tissue from surgery almost always forms and causes problems, because it is such a tight area by the spine.

  12. carol at A Second Cup Says:

    Those pictures are amazing and scary because pain now has a face.

  13. Fida Abbott Says:

    Thanks God when I know you feeling great.



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