My New Baby!

September 26, 2008


Here she is! My new baby! Her name is Olivia and she is 8 weeks old. She is so adorable that I can’t stand it! She’s half-Siamese. I used to have a half-Siamese calico cat and loved her, so I’ve been looking for another half-Siamese. And here she is!

She’s a little camera shy. lol

Livvy Camera Shy

Here she is. It’s so hard to photograph a kitten!

Olivia the Cat

I gave her some roast beef broth and she brightened right up for the camera.

Livvy Kitty

She has 6 toes and the sweetest temperament I’ve ever seen in a cat. She’s playful and very, very loving. Her previous “mommy” took good care of her. Whenever Olivia sees a human face, she runs right up and starts to nuzzle. Last night she slept with my daughter, curled up under her neck.

Olivia– or, Livvy, as we call her– was the runt of the litter. She’s a little skinny, but already she’s gaining weight. She’s slowly getting used to our big old farmhouse.

I’ll have more updates later. Right now I have to go nuzzle my little baby. 🙂

19 Responses to “My New Baby!”

  1. Carole Says:

    Ohhhhhh! She’s SO CUTE! Congratulations on your new baby. Please be sure to give us lots of gratuitous cute cat pics so we can watch her grow.
    Besides the cute cat pics, I have a feeling we can also expect some “Can you believe Livvy did this?” and “Look at the trouble Livvy got into this time!” posts, which I’m sure will prove to be very entertaining. Enjoy her, and try not to be too mad when she chews through your computer cable or climbs your nice heavy drapes or jumps up on the table to taste your chicken riggies! Heh heh! Enjoy her!

  2. Monique Says:

    Awww, how cute is she!!!

  3. Karen Says:

    Oh how cute! I love the name you chose for her. Beautiful.

  4. Lisa Says:

    How precious!

  5. *lynne* Says:

    congrats on the newest addition to the family! 🙂 she looks adorable!

  6. Mizé Says:

    She´s really cute! I love her eyes and fur colour. Her expression is of a wild cat, not like the common siamese.
    Oh! I´m so gelous, my daughter loves cats too. The problem is we live in a flat. If I ever get to build our countryhome I want to have at least two cats and one dog.
    I think she´s going to love your farmhouse and family. I will wait for the news about her adventures there.

  7. feefifoto Says:

    Sooo cute! Congratulations on your new bundle of joy.

  8. Mountain Woman Says:

    She’s so adorable and I love the name.

  9. pam Says:

    Sooooo sweet!!! Congratulations!!! I wish I could cuddle her through the monitor!!

  10. Lynne Says:

    oh my goodness! She’s so cute! She definitely brightened up with roast beef broth!

  11. anajz Says:

    How adorable! One of my favorite cats, Harold, had eyes like Livvy…which look as though she is wearing eyeliner. We will be watching for more precious pics.

  12. condo Blues Says:

    She’s so sweet! What a cutie.

  13. Karen C. Says:

    SQUEEEEEE! Oh, so cute!!!

  14. Luxor Says:

    Oh, how precious! Kittens are just the most fun to have around and watch grow up! Enjoy …

  15. Ana Says:

    Awww, what a cutie she is! Congrats on the new family member! I bet you’ll have a lot of fun with a baby kitty in the house 😉 I remember when Pumuckl was still a kitten, it was so nice seeing him growing up 🙂

  16. Jackie Says:

    What a cutie Olivia is. I know you, your daughter and Olivia are going to have wonderful times together.

  17. Tink Says:

    Awww…. She looks a bit like my Freyja when she was little; Freyja is Balinese.

  18. Lady Banana Says:

    I also had a new furbaby about 4 weeks ago.. they are so unbelievably adorable aren’t they!