My New Ubokia Marketplace!

September 6, 2012

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I don’t know about you guys, but my experiences on some of the other popular auction and marketplace websites have been a total FAIL. I won’t name them, but one of them starts with an “e” and another ends with “list.” You just never know what you’re going to get with those places because you never know WHO you are dealing with. I know a handful of people who have been ripped off by sellers hawking stolen goods or never shipping the merchandise. So any time I hit the “buy now” button, I feel a little apprehensive. You just never know.

So it is with great delight that I encountered Ubokia. They’ve been around since November 2011, but have been kind of low-key until now. A whole bunch of moms have joined and it’s hitting the social networks, so Ubokia has suddenly become one of the fastest-growing social commerce communities on the web. The most unique thing about Ubokia is that the community is just that — a community. It connects buyers and sellers together.

What cooler is that Ubokia is available for all! Yes, for all! This is no exclusive club — you’re all invited! The company has created an iframe plugin that members can install on our blogs, kind of like our very own Craigslist — but way better. This is actually a great way to earn a little money, get rid of your junk, and give your blog a little boost in the community.

I ave my own page set up and I would love you to look at it. It’s called My Ubokia Marketplace! I’m going to keep it up for several months and we’ll see how we do. I have been thinking about joining a blog-type of community, and Ubokia is very appealing. Ubokia allows you to manage your community participation, too — you can opt to stay within a particular small circle of pals (such as, my Ubokia marketplace sway group) or join the larger community.

I think one of the nicest things about Ubokia is the opportunity to sell something or buy something to other people within the community. And if you buy or sell something through my own Ubokia Marketplace, I get a 2% transaction commission.

Here are some other things about Ubokia you might want to know:

  • Ubokia uses the uTrust, the first trust verification system for e-commerce transactions. uTrust verifies the transactions and sorts the crooks from the good guys.
  • With Ubokia, you are interacting within a community of like-minded people. Have you ever read the “Swap Sheet” of old magazines like Yankee Magazine? Back then, community members listed their needs in the classifieds, and let others contact them if they have it. It’s a nice, passive way to get what you need without searching the web for hours on end. With Ubokia, simply submit a need and wait for sellers to contact you.
  • It’s free to register with Ubokia.
  • Ubokia’s best feature is perhaps the “Post a Want” feature. It’s very convenient. You just hover your mouse over “Post” and click “Post a Want.” Ubokia will let you know when people have what you want. Pretty cool, and perfect for busy moms!

By now you are probably chomping at the bit and wondering where to get started. First, check out the Ubokia website to learn more about it. Then, check out Ubokia on Facebook and the very helpful Ubokia blog (that’s where I get a lot of information and tips).

So enough of my jabbering. Get to the marketplace and check out Ubokia. I will be selling a ton of new stuff and I have quite a number of “Wants,” too.

By the way, I have a convenient button in my sidebar to My Ubokia Marketplace. Look under the section “Social Butterfly Stuff.” You can click that button any time you want to peruse the Ubokia website for stuff.

One last thing: Now I want to let you know that I am being compensated for this post. But all opinions expressed here are my own 100% opinions. And if you know me at all, I’ve got strong opinions!

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