Blogging For Pay: My Review of SponsoredReviews

December 17, 2010


A few friends have recently asked me about earning some extra money by blogging and other online ventures. I’ve been regularly blogging since 2006. In 2007, I found out that I could earn money by blogging, and it has now become my career of sorts. After a few years of blogging for pay, I also signed up with a few companies to do some freelance writing. Between all the various writing venues, I am able to earn a small income.

I’ve been with SponsoredReviews for almost two years now. It’s one of my higher-paying blogging companies, although jobs there can be scarce sometimes (especially if your blog does not have Page Rank).

Basically, after signing up for SponsoredReviews, you enter in your blogs that you want to market. The folks at SR will review your blogs and calculate your blogs’ worth. This blog, thank God, has a pretty high metric- 4 out of 5 stars. SP will calculate things like your traffic, your RSS subscriptions and readership, Page Rank, and etc. Some companies also include your Alexa Rank score. Because of time and space limitations, I won’t get into all the ranking details here– you can search these things online or shoot me an email if you want more information. It usually takes a day or to until SR gets back to you to tell you whether your blog is approved or not. It is VERY IMPORTANT to build your blog and establish a good readership with lots of quality posts before you submit it to any company. The competition into these companies can be stiff, so make sure your blog is ready. Most advertisers like a clean, neat template (not too many glitzy buttons and such), good grammar skills, and Page Rank. Those seem to be the defining factors in getting work.

After approval, you can browse the opportunities at SR. I have found some gems in the pool….. but there are some of the seedier advertisers in the mix (casino/porn/plastic surgery). You can remove these ads from the list so you don’t have to sift through them. Some sites are very good–,, high-end cruise travel websites have submitted ads there. And some advertisers will seek you out to write stuff, too (and they usually pay top dollar for it!). When I first started with SR, I earned about $7 per post. I now earn about $15 to $30 a post. That’s a nice progression. And most blogging companies will split the payment 50/50 with their blogger, but not SR. SponsoredReviews is a little more generous– they give you 65% of the payment.

The help desk at SR is very good. I had a bout of technical problems a year ago, and I always received an answer the same day.

I like SR. The only complaint I would have is that there isn’t always a lot of work. But that is the nature of blogging for pay, I think. At some times, I am clobbered with posts; other times, I have nothing for weeks. To survive, you really must diversify. I have monetized 8 of my 12 blogs so far. All my blogs are in various niches (tech, personal, travel, cooking, etc). Advertisers like to tailor their products to a particular blog, so it helps to branch out.

I hope I’ve helped you learn about at least one blogging company. šŸ˜€ SponsoredReviews is more low-key than many out there. They are paying me for this review of them. I like working for them. If you want to earn a little cash from your blog, check them out.


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    Thanks for the info!!

    I may consider this in the future.