My Sons Saw a UFO

September 24, 2010


I DO NOT BELIEVE IN “ALIENS.” I don’t believe in UFOs as from aliens, but I do believe in UFMOs (Unidentified Flying Military Objects). I have mocked crop circles and drunken alien drivers in the past. I just don’t believe in such stuff. And I’ve raised the kids to be REALLY skeptical of it, too.

Puh-LEASE! Next thing you know, we'll be wearing tin-foil hats! HAH!

But my sons ran into the house the other night, breathlessly reporting that they had seen a strange object in the sky.

We live in Upstate New York. We see a LOT of strange things in the sky. NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command– yeah, that bureau that was supposed to scramble jets on 9/11 but blew it) is located 30 miles from me. On the afternoon of 9/11, after the federal ban on aircraft was issued, NORAD jets were circling our area of Upstate for a few hours. And this area (as well as a lot of areas in Upstate) has been a “hotspot” for UFO sightings. The Hudson River Valley was a hotspot for UFO sightings in the 1980s. And of course, Upstate New York is where a lot of celebrities have their summer homes… so there’s a LOT of strange sightings here in New York. Big whoop. Weird stuff in NY is about as exciting as funeral insurance, ykwim?

But as my sons described the “thing” they saw, I began to listen carefully. It was a black, spherical object. It had one single round orange light in the center of it. The light seemed to dim, then intensify, then dim, and intensify. Most importantly of all, it made no sound whatsoever. That piqued my interest.

No sound??? Could it have been a helicopter? No, we can hear those things looong before we actually see them. How about an airplane (we see a lot of very low-flying planes and drones around here– I am convinced that the government is either spying or dumping experimental chemicals on us– you don’t think the feds would do that to us? Think again).

How about a hot air balloon? My oldest son considered this possibility for a moment, but said that the object was probably too far up for a balloon to go. The black object was abut as big as the moon in the sky when you look up. My youngest made a drawing of what he saw:

So what the heck was it??? A black, spheroid object with a glowing orange light making nary a sound? What makes such a thing?

My son made a picture of what he saw. What do you think?


But I still don’t believe in aliens or anything. I think, if anything, it’s another one of the stealthy U.S. government aircraft, lurking in our Upstate skies, spying on the Tea Party members…

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5 Responses to “My Sons Saw a UFO”

  1. Renee Says:

    I once saw an orange light traveling in the sky, and didn’t know what it was. There wasn’t any sound, either.

    The strangest thing I’ve ever seen was a light traveling from the horizon up. There wasn’t any sound, and it looked like it was going straight up into the sky from the horizon. I actually thought I was really seeing a UFO (enough to wake family members!). We’ve seen this a few times since and it has been two lights side by side traveling up from the horizon. (Don’t remember if it was one or two the first time.) It turns out, however, that it was actually an airplane. (because it eventually flew overhead.) It looked like it was flying straight up, because it was actually coming directly toward us, rather than moving to the side, like most airplanes do. (if that makes any sense) It was really weird. (especially since there was no sound) Every time we see it, we announce that there’s another UFO. LOL I never remember seeing anything like this until that first time.

    Crop cirles are very very interesting to me. I once looked them up extensively. I find it fascinating. (I think we came across a website by people who claimed to make crop circles. And that ended our search.) 🙂

    And how come I haven’t seen any celebrities in the over 20 years I’ve lived here? Do they hide in Upstate New York? But there are plenty of celebrity look-alikes! 🙂

    Well, anyway, that’s very interesting what your sons saw! I hope that one day we’ll know exactly what all this strange stuff is… like the Bermuda Triangle!

  2. Renee Says:

    Okay, I just wrote a post rather than a comment….. :S

    • Rebecca Says:

      Renee, I think I have seen that airplane with two lights, also. It was freaky! But I realized that it was probably some kind of airplane.

      EVery once in a while, the media releases a story (always AFTER) of an experimental military aircraft that has flown over the area. I tend to think we in Upstate are the guinea pigs for a lot of stuff…

      There are LOADS of celebrities slightly downstate from you, especially in the Southern Tier. I knew Pam Dawber’s and Mark Harmon’s caretaker down there. I don’t think there are too many celebrities in Central NY. For obvious reasons…. lol…

  3. John | English Wilderness Says:

    Initially I thought it might be a sky lanterns, but the description doesn’t really fit.