My Year in Review 2008

January 5, 2009


I’ve been a blogger for a numbr of years, but this blog is my first of its kind. It’s a catch-all of my interests, quirky thoughts, fun stuff, and a few good rants here and there. This blog will be a year old on February 29, 2009! Oh wait, there IS no February 29 this year! My blog is a leap-baby! Perhaps this accounts for its quirks.

I have enjoyed reading others’ Year in Review posts, and thought I’d do one, too! Things didn’t really get rolling until March, so that’s where I’ll start. Here are the highlights of 2008!

I like Windows Vista, I don’t care what anyone says.
Why I hate television (and why so many do).
Got Mid-Life crisis? This’ll cure it.
A post on remembering Chernobyl.
Slavery for the Modern Man.
FUNNY photos in various public areas.

Dost thou lack motivation? See this, and you shall lack all the more!
Crazy, freaky U.S. weather! No wonder we talk about weather all the time.
I just love Ofra Haza’s voice.
Leaning Tower of Pisa topples?
The world’s shortest fairy tale. A little wisdom thrown in.

I love Chuck Norris movies and I’m not ashamed to say it.
*sob* This is my cat’s VERY FIRST knock-knock joke. They grow up so fast!
I love Japanese gadgets, but this is going waaay too far.
My rant about narcissic Stay-At-Home-Moms and the journalists who write about them.
Speaking of narcissim: NY, the Chumpire State!
Reading is THE most important thing your child will ever learn. I’ve taught a lot of kids to read. Here are a few tips.
Foot-binding and other stupid customs. Why do women do stuff like this??
Oh and another thing– that lousy RFID chip— GRRRR!
This is such a touching story. My post was Stumbled, and it still gets a lot of traffic to this day.

BWAHAHAHAHA! I love The Far Side.
I’m old-fashioned?!
I’m definitely quirky. Random stuff.
My review of the Dirt Devil Upright Vacuum. IT SUCKS.
Hey, remember the fire at Entrecard server, The Planet? How we all went through EC withdrawl?
Handy household tips! See how much you learn here???
We discovered some great, alternative uses for Cascade dishwashing detergent.

Our review of the Nerf Dart Tag Game— cool!
And a review of some fluky pinhole glasses from Italy. This was fun to review!
My first experience with narcotic pain relievers. Oooooohhhh yyyeaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh….. (I’ll have you know I did not get addicted as so many warned! I got off them after I recovered and am back to my usual, crazy self again).
Corn syrup— think again.
Looking for the perfect god? Check out this place!
As seen on TV! Well, I like it, anyway! 😉
Google… creeeepy. Google maps gone terribly wrong! Don’t look at the light!

This was the month it happened: the attack of the killer leg wax.
Remember the Olympics? yawwwwwwn. I like these better.
I like this quiz. Very, very accurate. Really.
I was interviewed by Cass of Midlife Musings.
Some spammers are SO STUPID it defies reason.
My beautiful gardens!
My opinion on choosing school books for children.
My most popular post, about Irena Sendlerowa. I learned two lessons- she was a great women, and some people NEVER read posts or comments entirely.
My daughter made this. *sob* beautiful!
For some odd reason, I just kept playing this video again and again. I think I like the sound of the swishing nylon suit.
OMG, THIS is a terrific video. If I played the previous one a hundred times, I played THIS one a thousand times! Muauauauauaua!
ENGLISH to CHINESE in 10 EZ Lessons! Bwahahahahahahahahahah! I still laugh so hard, I cry!

One of my most popular posts, that got a lot of strong reactions: Are You Posh or Non-Posh?
Just another reason why I Hate Google.
We got our new kitten, Olivia!!!
My older cats are monsters, though. Vet time, again!
Thoughts about marriage in these modern times.
My MRI results for my herniated disk that I blew out again. Ow ow ow ow.
Got too many sticky-notes lying around the office? Hey do this!

Why do they make big cars with the wimpest horns?!
Grouch Day is probably my third favorite day! Here are some ideas for making it a lousy day!
I got a Samsung camcorder on sale. This is my thorough review.
Ah, another I-Hate-TV-and-Why-You-Should-Too rant. 😀
Fun photos. I love stuff like this.
My rant about the Entrecard purging. And about now-ousted member Turnip of Power’s post.
Good books for schooling kids. Here’s more. And some good CDs too.
The Cultural Dumbing Down, waaaay waaaay down.
Thoughts about love. 🙂
And thoughts about Big Brother. GREAT video, lol!
I’m joining the Tinfoil Wallet Brigade!
Jeff Foxworthy-esque: You Know You Live in Upstate NY When…

Trying out a pomegranate. Um.
I love my kitten to absolute bits! Here’s another one!
My post about the Russian Faberge Egg. These are so beautiful!
VERY COOL gadgets.
We saw The Hiding Place movie again. WOW!
Fooling around with a fun website that makes Windows error messages.
Taking desperate means to keep MY pens in MY desk, for ME.
A little history about Daylight Saving Time.

I’m a Centrist?!??!?! That’s a first!
Lonely creepy technician builds his robot girlfriend. Yick!
Just another reason why I Hate Google.
Speaking of tyrants, SWAT Team invades Ohio family home.
Poor Snowzilla.
A thorough post about blogging for pay, part one. Oh yeah, I have to write part two now.
Kim Komando and snooty attitudes about blogging for pay. :-p
My kitten, Olivia. She’s growing up, and she’s still cute, but…. But she’ll always be my beautiful baby!
Rose perfume, at last! Olivia showcases it for me.
I’ve given up on Firefox, and NoScript. :-p
These t-shirts are just tooooo funny!
Money origami!

Wow, I posted a lot about a lot of stuff! I hope you have had as much fun as I have. Here’s hoping for a terrific and fun 2009! Thanks for reading and making all of this possible.


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