NASA Finds Water on the Moon

November 30, 2009


Big whoop.

Remember how I posted a few weeks ago that NASA was catapulting a missile at the moon, to see if sparkly little water crystals would shoot out the side?

Well, guess what, NASA saw the sparkly stuff! For a project costing $5.6 gazillion, they’d BETTER find ice crystals, right? Right? I mean, you can’t necessarily get discounts or Shop NBC Promo Codes on that fancy-schmancy space equipment, can you?

So what if there is ice on the moon. I’m not saying I do or don’t believe NASA… but so what if there is? What significance does this have? What significance do experts want it to have?

Oh wait wait, I remember now– sparkly little ice crystals PROVE Darwinism, that’s it! Ice crystals mean the presence or “possible” presence of some chemical/mineral primordial soup when, mixed with loads of lightning strikes, a little eye of newt and bat wing and a hushly chanted hocus pocus— *POOF* out from the primordial slime pops out an amoeba! And that amoeba grows into a lizard! Which magically changes into a bird, and then a dog and then a monkey and then a human!

Um, I thought spontaneous generation was disproved by Francisco Redi, like, 500 years ago? And if all those critters evolved into other species, what the heck do we need male AND female and reproductive systems for? And what about irreducible complexity, huh? How on earth did the cardiovascular system evolve and sustain living things on its own, without the respiratory, digestive, and immune systems, which are all complex and interwoven with each other? And how come evolution doesn’t happen anymore? And how come my school textbooks never told me that the Tree of Life was unproven and a complete figment of Darwin’s imagination?

So water on the moon. Uh huh. So?

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One Response to “NASA Finds Water on the Moon”

  1. Dave DeWall Says:

    Well,that is exactly what I thought when I read the story, “So?”
    You make some great points which I completely agree with,and for me personally, I did not evolve from some ape. Thanks for a great post!