NASA to Hit Moon with Missile

October 8, 2009

Freaky, Rants

You have GOT to be kidding me!!! Dear Government Bureaucrats: “Shoot for the moon” is an IDIOM. A figure of speech! Leave it them to DO something so stupid!

OK OK maybe I’m jumping the gun a little here. But I have visions of Chicken Little right about now. What if NASA shoots their missile and the impact has the effect of something like… like a billiard ball?!?


This is what NASA intends to do, this FRIDAY:

NASA has chosen the final destination for the LCROSS lunar impacting probe: the crater Cabeus A, near the Moon’s south pole.

So why is NASA smacking a probe into the Moon at high speed, and why there?

The idea is that over millions and billions of years, a lot of comets have hit the Moon. The water from these comets hits the surface and sublimates away… but if any settles at the bottoms of deep craters near the Moon’s poles, these permanently shadowed regions can act as a refrigerator, keeping the water from disappearing. It can stay there, locked up as ice, for a long, long time. Some estimates indicate there could be billions of tons of ice near the Moon’s south pole.

Detecting that water is tough. Radar results have been inconclusive, with some people saying there’s lots of water, and others saying there’s none at all. By impacting a probe there, any ice located at the impact site will be shot up above the lunar surface, where sunlight will break it up into H+ and OH- molecules, which can be detected.


That’s why they want to hit the moon?? To watch little ice crystals sparkle in the sunshine?! To “prove” that the moon is billions quadrillions years old??

LCROSS is planned to impact the crater at 11:30 GMT on October 9, which is early morning for the U.S. (in fact, there will be two impacts; one from the spacecraft and another by the Centaur booster) The plume from the impact should stretch up many kilometers. It will almost certainly be too thin to be seen by amateur instruments, but the impact itself should make a bright enough flash to be seen if you have a telescope. The crater itself will be in shadow, making the light flash easier to spot. It’ll only last a second or two, so if you want to observe it, be prepared! NASA has a nice webpage with all the info you need to watch this historic event for yourself.

I hope everyone gets a chance to see this!

Uhhhhh I hope everyone gets the chance to SURVIVE this. What happens if they hit the missile a liiiiiiiiiittle too hard, and knock the moon out of orbit??


Scientists and government bureaucrats have a REALLY REALLY lousy history on “doing” and “fixing” things. I am very uncomfortable with them striking the extremely necessary moon– the only one we have, by the way!– to satisfy their curiosity and puff their chests out to the Russians and Chinese.

Give me a break!

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19 Responses to “NASA to Hit Moon with Missile”

  1. Renee Says:

    They’ll do ANYTHING to try to prove evolution. Reminds me… Why do the nations rage and the people plot a vain thing?… He Who sits in the heavens shall laugh! (Ps. 2) They will bow the knee to God. If not now then they will on Judgment day!

  2. Monica Says:

    Renee, you are a religious nut. You want to be religious, fine. But it’s quite another thing to completly balk against any and all science, and sit around daydreaming about your best friend God striking down all the people who won’t accept you, while you sit next to him and say, “I told you so.” Psycho. And to the writer, this is NASA we’re talking about, not some kids in the back yard shooting off bottle rockets. They are not going to “hit the missile (I’m sure you meant moon) a liiiiiiiiiittle too hard, and knock the moon out of orbit.” That’s completely ridiculous. How about you do a little research before your next article and actually post interesting facts, instead of hysterical fiction (and I don’t mean funny). People like you two make me hate people.

  3. John Tedder Says:

    They may not be kids shooting off bottle rockets now, but that’s probably how they started! The rockets are just bigger now and much more expensive.

    I don’t think there is anything to worry about. The rocket is too small to knock the moon out of its orbit or do any real damage.

    Unless it lands on a little green man who doesn’t appreciate a rocket landing on his house.

  4. Rebecca Says:

    Monica, that is way out of line. You have no right to attack my visitors with your fairy-tale, brain-washed evolutionist babble. Go soak your head.

  5. Rebecca Says:

    Hey John. I’m not worried. Not TOO much!

    hehe. Like I said, the Gubment has a pretty bad track record… ever hear of Roswell?!?!? :egads:

  6. Cindy @ Fenced in Family Says:

    I wonder how much we paid for this little experiment.

  7. heidityann Says:

    I had not heard of this but definately insane!

  8. Fmunoz Says:

    I say we fly that missile back to earth and save it for when Iran starts world war 3

  9. Same B Says:

    This is an explosion you’ll barely be able to see on a telescope. You can NOT even see it with the naked eye. If it’s THAT close and you can’t see it with your own eye balls while you look up doing your nightly prayer, then it is obviously nothing to worry about.

    And NASA is not a collection of government bureaucrats, even though that’s where 99% of their funding comes from. They’re scientists, and I’m sure they’ve worked long and hard on this. Hundreds of calculations that are very very precise and complex went in to this. And this mission is so that they can see the ice crystals underground, that way they don’t go shooting in the dark trying to drill water out of the moon that isn’t there. It’s so we don’t have to keep sending rockets full of bottled water off ten years from now when we have a base on the moon.

    How stupid you and Renee are make me wish that your story was more true. The fact that there are still people living that hate the idea of evolution is astounding. Read a book. Look at the science behind it. More than 100 years of accumulated knowledge is on the matter and you haven’t looked at one shred, one LINE of ANYTHING ANYONE has written on the matter.

    Just like you obviously never payed enough attention in physics to realize that we can’t knock the moon out of orbit with even the strongest nuke we have.

    You go soak YOUR head, in some science books. I know it’s forbidden in your little cult, but you should get real. Don’t ignore blatant facts. They’re written down for you in millions of places. It’d be a different story if you had absolutely no access to anything that says a word on the matter, but this is the INFORMATION AGE. It’s all at hand.


  10. Rebecca Says:

    Check out this great article, for a starter course on the falsities and foibles called Darwinism:

    Looks like my post is ruining government PR and evolutionary fantasizing…

  11. Sarafina Connor Says:

    October 9th 2009 (Maybe): Water on the Moon (a remix by Sarafina Connor)

    Some kids done killed young Derrion
    (with Water on the moon)
    His brutal murder was recorded on a cell phone.
    (and Water’s on the moon)
    People stood, drove by and watched it unfold,
    (but Water’s on the moon)
    They bludgeoned, and stomped on him and he was 16 years old
    (while Water’s on the moon)
    This young boy the next day walking home before the sun
    (with Water on the moon)
    Some other kids threatened him, so the young brotha began to run
    (and Water’s on the moon)
    My soul cannot fathom his terror and dread
    (but Water’s on the moon)
    As those young boys who were chasing him threw a lead pipe at his head
    (while Water’s on the moon)
    his head busted open, and smashing his skull there on the street,
    (even with Water on the moon)
    these young kids walked in his blood, over his body, with their feet.
    (and Water’s on the moon)
    Half the kids in my neighborhood don’t even graduate
    (but Water’s on the moon)
    Millions of dollars for education Governor Arnold did terminate
    (with Water on the moon)
    Unemployment steady increasing at an epidemic rate
    (and Water’s on the moon)
    Families losing jobs and houses from state to state
    (while Water’s on the moon)
    Pollution, climate change, and global starvation
    (but Water’s on the moon)
    H1N1, AIDS, and the war legislation
    (with Water on the moon)
    Wondering where the money’s going with all this taxation
    (to find Water on the moon?)
    There are places where children are dying from dehydration,
    (but Water’s on the moon)
    millions of people
    drinking dirty water and no sanitation,
    (hmmm, is that cause it’s all on the moon?)
    You’ve pillaged and plundered the earth,
    With your anthropogenic destruction,
    (so now you want the Water on the moon?)
    I think karma will come and I hope it’s soon,
    I pray you bureaucrats drown in that Water on the moon!

  12. tom Says:

    hello people…… Umm morans, to thosed who think the moon will me knocked off kilter…. This lill rocket will have no effect on the moon.. To mr billard ball think about this billard balls are of same size and mass….. Hmmm size and mass…. Okok i get it its a bomb going really fast. Think now really hard here…. And do a lil recalling…. 6 thats 6 metiors hitting Jupiter all in the same spot in respect that Jupiter is rotating with such force the were seen going threw the massive planet… Did it move off kilter…. Think also a lil furthe back… Im sure you need to refer to a history book but of the a bomb…. There were 3 one in the states and two in the war…. Did earth move do to it……

    Fear not judgement day for he who judges supplied the idea in efforts to save man in the exploration of space…

    Some of you should think real hard prior go writting….. The otheres are on track…. I’ll leave it to you to figure out who’ who on that

  13. Robbie Says:



  14. belinda Says:

    They should not mess around with nature. Who gives anyone the right to try to blow up the moon? Hasn’t there been enough destruction on earth now they are making the moon the victim. How come half the population of Australia don’t know about this? And we’ve only received this news only a couple of days ago. There should of been a vote on this. This operation effects us all. And more information should have been given. God help us all. What else do they think they can get away with. If we ever become extinct it will be NASA’s fault. And the Government’s of the world. Now they they are tying to charge the innocent person with carbon admissions. Where the shiny arses should pay dearly. What is the world coming to?

  15. tom Says:

    i dont know about ADmissions but i do know about Emissions

  16. Moose Says:

    Okay, so the Moons good to go on going on.
    I’d rather not get the religious shaft, right now, because
    I’m not a very religious person.

    So I’ll skip to making this comment as ‘user friendly’ as
    demographically possible: Rhetorically, if ice is found on the moon
    And a moon base is eventually constructed, will the moon become
    an international zone? Or will it just become a part of the U.S.?

    I imagine there’s going to be this 21’st century version of the Louisiana Purchase. Except it’s going to be in space.

    : I wish tax-payers had more control over what they were paying for.

    Oh, and if you’re interested in how the U.S. maintains it’s economic position, check out the Zeitgeist Addendum. :3

  17. idiot kid Says:

    the moon has always been an object of beauty for me. hearing our shady shadowy secretive gov’t is launching missiles in the name of the greater good and colonization of the final frontier has to make you make you adjust your thought to all angles of possibility. none of us know anything for sure. none of us know its the missile they say it is. nobody knows that the giant cloud of debris isn’t an elegant screen. and we’re all part of humanity and subjective experience has raised us one way or the other. so bashing our fellow humans with a disgust with faith trembling in our words is just rude. at the same time, religious people… be logical. think about things. if you believe everything before your eyes is reality, then you cannot ignore your captivity. singular consciousness in superposition and a connection with all things in existence is what you feel is god. we’re about to break on through to the other side thought! good luck on yer journeys!


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