Need Some Pampering?

August 18, 2009


Well, it’s 11:30 am and already my makeup has melted off. :hmph: We’re experiencing a heat wave, here in East Coast. YUK. I like cooler, crispier weather. The summer weather (temperatures) have been beautiful up to this point. We have had way too much rain this year, but I just loved the cool temps we’ve experienced all summer. Now this. :-p It’s times like these that malls and pools see their most business, from people flocking for relief from the heat either in air-conditioned stores or cool waters.

How about you? Is it hot where you are? If you live in the Chicago area, maybe you’d like some relief from the scalding temps, and get a little pampering at the same time: a Chicago Spa Pedicure! The photo at the website looks soooo refreshing– small, smooth stones inbetween the toes of a foot. Ahhhh. I’ve never had a pedicure. I’ve never had a manicure! I know, I’m missing out on life– I know that many of you readers love your ‘cures. The Tiffani Kim Institute in Chicago has some very nice services: they use a whirlpool to soothe the feet and soften the skin with essential oils. mmmm. And there’s the “Chocolate Delight Pedicure”! It’s a “chocolate exfoliation” that includes Dead Sea salts. Vitamin E, and almond oil. Sound to me like another excellent reason why chocolate should be rated as the most important food! Check out the site. The prices are very good, much better than I expected! Without a doubt, your feet will get the pampering you want.

One Response to “Need Some Pampering?”

  1. philly5113 Says:

    Oh yeah! I am also having the makeup meltdown by 10am. This summer is perhaps one of the ‘wierdest’ in recent years. We’ve had entirely too much rain as well. It is great to have options for relief. Nice offerings.