Now THAT’s Motivational

April 12, 2008


Hubby used to work in insurance. What a crappy job. Ever see The Incredibles?! Just like that, it was. Yeah. Real lousy. Makes you want to quit the industry and become a dead-beat superhero. Yep.

Well, when Hubby worked in insurance, Middle Management had these “motivational” posters everywhere. I mean, everywhere. At the water cooler, around ever corner, in the bathroom stalls. For some odd reason, those motivational posters just didn’t work very well. Maybe if the company cleaned up their scheistering ways and maybe paid the CEOs a million less and paid the slave-level agents a couple bucks more, that might have been more motivating? I like a poster as much as any gal, but hey, ya gotta buy groceries and posters don’t buy the groceries.

Well, Hubby found these great posters a few months ago. Found these at Real gems.






I bought him the pyramids one for his birthday. He hasn’t framed it yet. Isn’t “motivated” enough, I guess. Probably needs more posters.

My favorite is “Mistakes” and “Sacrifice.” These are the posters that should be hanging in corporations’ halls. Because that’s what they REALLY mean to say.

One Response to “Now THAT’s Motivational”

  1. Mommie Says:

    These are too funny. I’m going to send these to my hubby…