Off the Beaten Path

April 28, 2009


Just thinking….

  • K-Mart shopping carts are far superior to WalMart shopping carts. Is it something about the design? The K-Mart cart wheels move easier, and the cart is set a little higher up off the frame. The WalMart carts are low, and the “fenders” around the wheels are too close to the wheels. I almost ALWAYS come home with excruciating back pain after shopping at WalMart.
  • I heard an old Lionel Ritchie song playing through the muzak at the store. It was enjoyable, listening to him. That guy has, in my opinion, one of the best male singing voices, ever. It’s so smooth and easy, really great. He was one of my favorite singers of the 80s, and his group, the Commodores, was one of the best male singing groups then, too.
  • Also while shopping (I guess I do my best random thinking while shopping; it IS rather mindless, I guess), I passed by a huge display of great big “Playground Balls.” Remember those? They are hardy, rubber balls (as a kid, we used a smaller one just like it for kickball and dodgeball). In elementary school, all of us kids looked SO forward to being able to play with these big balls. I know I LOVED playing with them. But in gym class, we rarely did, maybe twice a year. I wonder if the teachers realized how much we liked playing with them. Why didn’t we do it more often?
  • I recently discovered some old music by the Boston Pops Orchestra (Arthur Fielder), and I love it! It’s nice, interesting music perfect for when you’re busy writing or working.
  • I am thinking of participating in that “Simple Woman’s Daybook” meme I see on some blogs. It looks fun, and I like to write that way: with an assigned topic and writing creative, informative answers.
  • I love reading old diaries. I think most other people like it, too. I like learning about people, especially people who lived decades before me. Old diaries are kind of like reality TV and This Old House rolled into one, without the vulgarness and the dumb commercials.
  • I’m still going “hmm” over the “Why do we park in a driveway and drive in a parkway?” Very, very profound question. Hmm.
  • I’m finding that as I get older, I have to wear colored lipstick or chapstick. I guess my radiant coloring from youth is all gone. That, or I need to exercise more. :-p Maybe both.
  • Why is it pronounced “pie”? In high school, everyone called it that, even the teachers. I (finally) get out of high school to study Greek, and discover that the correct Greek pronounciation is “pee.” Was it too embarrassing to pronounce it correctly amongst silly teenagers? I don’t know. But I much prefer to say it the right way (that is, according to the original language) and have people snicker at me, than to mispronounce it and fit in the crowd.
  • I dislike “Sticky Posts” on blogs. I can’t think of any time where I have scrolled down past the massive “Sticky Post” to read the day’s content. A lot of time, it’s visual clutter, and my eyes don’t sift through visual clutter very well anymore.
  • Why do some blogs only allow comments from Google/Blogger bloggers or OpenID bloggers? I am an independent blogger (that is, I have my own domain). I can’t leave a comment on blogs unless I get an OpenID account (which I do not want) or use my Google/Blogger account (which I do not want). I scratch my head and wonder why some bloggers make commenting so restrictive and difficult. Maybe they don’t want comments? Maybe they just have a blog to rant?
  • No matter how wonderful and exceptional a new technological device is, mankind will always find some way to use it for evil. Think about it: guns, the Internet, nuclear energy, television. I think banning technology/innovative development is silly. It would make more sense to ban mankind’s evil tendencies.
  • I need to take some typing courses or something. Believe it or not, I can’t type! I do all this writing all day long, and I still “hunt and peck.” I’m a very speedy hunter and pecker, but I would really like to be able to type without having my eyes glued to the keyboard…
  • The beginning of spring makes me tired, and I don’t feel like writing very much. Which explains my very random post and scanty updates. I’m sure I’ll perk up again soon… Anybody got a meme to share??
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    8 Responses to “Off the Beaten Path”

    1. Junk Drawer Kathy Says:

      Really? Pi is pronounced like “pee?” Hmm. Learn something new every day. I will continue to pronounce it like “pie,” though. Like you, I don’t want to be in the out crowd. Also, I love pie.

      You and me on the sticky posts. People, you can make it sticky all you want, but you can’t make us read it!

      Oh, one time when I visited Boston, I had my picture taken with a giant bust of Arthur Feidler. I stuck my hand under his nose like I was about to pick it. I was probably in my early 20’s at the time, not a twelve year old with 12-yr-old sensibilities, but I did it anyway. And there ya go.

      Loved your randomness today!

      • Rebecca Says:

        Hey Aldon, thanks for your thoughts. Yes, I guess some bloggers choose to control the spam over more open conversation. I get a lot of spam, so I can empathize. But I really enjoy the comments, so I prefer it this way. As for Sticky Posts– as a blog reader and writer, I prefer to have announcements like that in the sidebar. But that’s me.

        Starving Artist– LOL! Come back and tell me their reactions! Heh heh.

        Kathy- ROFL about the statue! I think I would have done something similar, as old as I am (just not when anyone was looking). Glad you liked my randomness… glad someone did, lol! Thanks for your comment.

    2. Starving Artist Says:

      I can relate to you on most of that stuff, especially the shopping carts. I can’t wait to see what everyone thinks when I correct them on the punctuation of pi.

    3. aldon @ orient lodge Says:

      Sticky posts and requiring Blogger/OpenID:

      I have a sticky post. I like to keep it up so that new visitors can get a sense about what my blog is about, especially since my blog tends to be eclectic.

      On the other hand, I keep my Sticky Post very short. I do believe that if things aren’t on the front page when people first look at the site, it is less likely to be seen.

      As to requiring Blogger or OpenID authentication, I can understand the need for it. Popular blogs attract a lot of spam and using Blogger or OpenID authentication significantly decreases the amount of spam.

      Personally, I like OpenID and use it whenever I can because it provides another way to link back to my site. (I use OpenID delegation, so my OpenID is my blog address).

      It is worth noting that a lot of sites provide OpenID. I probably have over a different OpenIDs to chose between, from sites like AOL to Yahoo to Technorati.

    4. Cindy @ Fenced in Family Says:

      I had no idea pi was pronounced pee. I LOVE your idea of pronouncing it correctly because you’d rather be right than fit in with the crowd, rofl. I’d do the same but then my kids would start doing it too and embarrass me in front of the pastor.

      I never knew anyone disliked stick posts. I actually have two up right now because I’m running giveaways, plus I made a post about a project that has an April 30 deadline. So that one’s coming down today, and the other one will come down tomorrow night. Can I correctly guess that you haven’t read my new posts this week? I’m crushed! šŸ˜›

      • Rebecca Says:

        Cindy: uh, heh heh.


        Seriously, I actually did read your Sticky Post about the free homeschool curricula (how could I miss something like THAT?!). Hey, is there a reason why you changed your template? The new one is cute, but the old one was nice. too. Did you have a problem with it? I am thinking of recomending it to someone else, but if you found something unsuitable, I’ll refrain.

    5. Cindy @ Fenced in Family Says:

      I guess I’ll forgive you this time, and maybe I’ll make a sticky just for you someday. When’s your birthday? lol By the way, thanks for grabbing my new button which I like ever-so-much better than my old one.

      Yeah, I had a problem with the old template unfortunately. I realized one day that posts were getting cut off in the middle, and there was no link to click anywhere to see the rest of the post. There was also no “older posts” link at the bottom, so readers were severely limited in what they could read. (And you know that EVERYBODY wants to read at least 27 posts every time they visit my blog. RIGHT?)

      It turns out the problem was caused because I was using the Linked Within plugin. Once I disabled that, the problems went away. So if your friend doesn’t plan on using Linked Within, the template should be fine. I didn’t have any other problems with it.

      I’ve decided to just stick with the new one, though. Hopefully I won’t have to change again for a LONG time.

      • Rebecca Says:

        Cindy– ooo tytyty. I’d just LOVE a Stcky Post just for me, adorable ME. lol. I’m sorry to hear about your template. Templates are SUCH work, I know.