Online Guide to Healthy Living

May 21, 2009


I love medical websites. I have four kids, three cats, a dog, a bird, and always a housefull of kids. You better believe I am practically a registered nurse/doctor right about now! Rusty nails, roundworms, infections, good eating, sugar highs…. *sigh* I never thought that being a mom and pet owner would catapult me into the medical field, but here I am. What a crazy journey!

So I like medical sites. I’m always going to them for tips on healthy eating, learning about first aid, tender loving care, etc. Here’s a neta website if you have the same interest:Scrubs. It’s neat! It’s actually for nurses, but since the website is open to all, there’s a lot to glean from it. I especially found iinteresting an article “Why Don’t Insurers Focus More on Preventative Care?.” Exactly! There are also loads of tips, and articles: Hooked on Thrift Stores (ohh yeah), Why I Prescribe Bio-Identical Hormones (so I’m over 40, ok?), The Cafeteria Eater’s Guide and the MD/RN Section. and more. The website is nice, too– it’s not this sterile, antiseptic, cold lab room where it spits out statistics. The articles are down-to-earth and written really well. Check it out! Scrubs.


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