Online Reviews Make Shopping Easier

September 20, 2011


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I do a ton of shopping online. As a matter of fact, if Amazon and other online vendors sold milk and gasoline online, I’d never go to a retail store again! 😀 For one, I just can’t stand the traffic of the shopping centers. My town had this nutty idea a couple of years ago to build this megalith shopping complex. They designed a hub of major stores– Walmart, Barnes&Noble, BestBuy, Staples, etc– to all be in one shopping center in close proximity. With ONE WAY in and ONE WAY out. I could clobber the guys who designed it. It’s so frustrating, driving in that area. And — surprise!– the area is a major spot for fender benders.

Shopping online saves money, too. And it benefits the post office, who could use the extra business. 😀 You know, the mail count may be lower thanks to email, but the package deliver end of it is buzzing like crazy. I probably support a good 1/6 of it, haha!!

Anyway, the hardest thing about online shopping, in my opinion, is that you don’t get to see and handle the object. I rely heavily on onlijne reviews… but have you noticed that online reviews are kinda hard to come by these days? Maybe the Google search engine gods have knocked the results from searches? I don’t know. What’s needed is a review website– a hub of reviews on products.

Oh, wait, there IS one! It’s They want to be the biggest review site for everything on the web. You can join, and maybe even win a $350 gift card from Kohl’s, too! Just “like” on Facebook and tweet the message “I love to #shopathome online!” on Twitter. See the official rules here.

I think it’s a smashing idea– not the cars at the shopping plaza, the review site! Take a peek and tell me what you think. Be sure to write a review if you have one. 😉

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