Online Tutoring

January 13, 2012


Whether you homeschool or your child is in government school or parochial school, every kid needs one-on-one help. No textbook can provide everything the child needs, and neither can a teacher and blackboard in a room of 20+ kids. I was one of those children who would have benefited greatly from tutoring. I never got any help so I pretty much had to re-educate myself after high school.

Back then, there was no Internet, but today, thank God, there are tutors online who can help! We have tried a number of them and I am always impressed with the tutoring skills and knowledge of the teachers. TutorHub is such a site. The tutoring at TutorHub is very, very flexible. Does your child have a quick question? Ask (for free) in the community! Does your kid need just a half an hour to understand a certain concept? Pay for only that half hour tutoring! Need a longer term session? Take advantage of the online tuition program! I love this!

It’s a perfect place for homeschoolers and publicly educated kids. Definitely check it out. Hey, you may even learn a few new things yourself!

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