Paint the Town Red… or Blue

July 23, 2008


First it’s Nerf, then it’s paintball! I think I may have started something with my sons. Now, they have GOT to be shooting at something! Paintball sounds like a healthy hobby. Well, I need my house siding painted anyway… lol.

Actually, my sons are a little young for paintball yet… but sooner or later they’ll want it. They have already seen those Tippmann A5 guns (they had to wipe their OWN drool off the computer keyboard, thank you very much). There is a paintball arena in our local area, but to be honest, I’d never feel comfortable taking them there. Anything can happen, ya know? Much better to get the gear they want and let ’em at in the backyard. We could even set up a little target range or something if they don’t want to shoot at each other. But who am I kidding?? They will definitely want to shoot at each other! lol! Boys, boys, boys!

From what I’ve seen, Ultimate Paintball at is the place to shop for great deals on paintball equipment. Plus they have free shipping! I’d much rather the kids start out with paintball than with rifles or bows and arrows. What do you think?


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