Pawsing to Think

December 2, 2011


Is my cat the only cat who gets her claws stuck on the furniture while she is scratching? I have to rescue her ALL THE TIME.


She has big clumsy paws so maybe that's why she always gets stuck.

And yeah, I let her scratch the furniture. For one, it’s old furniture– it’s been scratched by a slew of previous cats so I guess it’s become a time-honed tradition by now. Plus, you ever try to get a cat to STOP scratching furniture? It’s a lesson in futility. Cats have been scratching away since slicing up the papyrus sofas of ancient Egypt. And I don’t have much hope that little ol’ me can thwart the habit of the ages.

So it’s bad enough that Livvy scratches the furniture. It’s so ironic that I have to rescue her because she gets her claws stuck. LOL


Congratulate me, I finally replaced the filter for my vacuum cleaner. Woohoo, it took me about 9 months. I am not completely to blame! Yes, I procrastinated but yowsa I had to do a lot of Internet searching to find the filter. I wish it wasn’t so difficult to find parts anymore. It’s like EVERYBODY makes their own *unique* machine and then sells a zillion *unique* parts to go with it. And if your appliance is over a few years old, the parts may no longer be available. Ouch. It’s enough to make me want to ditch the whole appliance thing and go with I think it costs more to keep buying the cleaners and filters than to hire out. Hey, these people specialize in dog odor removal austin so they may come in handy when we decide to sell!


Did you know that you can listen to old radio programs, still! has a huge listing of old programs. I had a BLAST surfing through some of the titles: Gunsmoke, Fibber McGee and Molly, and my favorite- The Jack Benny Show. I also loved Groucho Marx. Those old shows are just amazing. The ads are so different than what we hear and see today, too. It was like a whole different world.


I read an old book about medieval times, and in one story, a king’s entire kingdom was supposedly ruined by his wife. The king was a profligate and serial adulterer, and his wife was heartbroken and jealous. So she rebelled against his authority and attempted to establish her sons as kings (a coup that failed and the queen was jailed for 20+ years until her husband the king died). The author of the book blames the queen for the kingdom’s problems– you know, “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” and the king was only expressing his “natural” self like kings do. I don’t understand that line of thinking. If it’s “natural” for a king to be a profligate and cheat on his wife, why is it not considered “natural” for a woman to be heartbroken and jealous? Why can some men’s behavior be excused as “natural” but a woman’s action not also be viewed as “natural”? And why be “natural” when it basically destroys everything, like a ripple effect? History can be baffling at times… baffling in the way that it is baffling how humans NEVER learn and keep making the same mistakes and sins, again and again.


I must be getting old. I went to Walmart today and the place was TEEMING with children. In every aisle, it seemed kids were crying, screaming, running around carrying items, crashing into shoppers and handling everything. As a young mom, I would probably have disliked the busy-ness but I would have endured it. Now, the seasoned mom that I am, I couldn’t STAND it. I was almost seething, desperate to extricate myself from the squirming, screaming mass of miniature humanity around me. I usually schedule my shopping times when kids are in school and when I know people will most likely not be shopping (like late Sunday evenings or Monday nights), but school must have gotten out early today. I dislike shopping in general so when it’s really busy (or insane like today), it’s more difficult to endure. Whew, was I glad to get into the car and drive home!


I am really looking forward to Christmas vacation this year. We are going to do absolutely nothing!!! No traveling, no schoolwork, nothing! Well, I will cook a huge turkey dinner and we’ll probably have to clean the house at some point… but I am going to take time off from work and just spend leisure time with my husband and kids. I am really excited about it.


Anybody have any good recommendations on LED rope lights? I have spent hours searching for some good, reliable lights but I can’t decide. That’s the tough part about shopping on the Internet, you can’t see what you’re getting til after you’ve paid for it. I’m open to suggestions if you have any!


Thanks for reading. šŸ™‚


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3 Responses to “Pawsing to Think”

  1. Karen and Gerard Says:

    Poor Livvy. That’s kind of funny her claws get stuck when she claws up the furniture. My dad never tried to stop his cats from clawing the furniture either–it was all clawed up really good. They did a great job! My cats had their front paws declawed so my furniture doesn’t really get clawed up. Just get some scratch marks on the table sometimes.

    I had to laugh about your trip to Walmart! It really can be a zoo!

  2. Secondary Roads Says:

    I’m a regular visitor to My bookmark searches “otr” (old-time radio). Several good choices there.

  3. lin Says:

    The cats leave the living room furniture alone, but the one couch in the family room has a bit of “wear” on it. I trim their nails all the time and they use their scratching posts a lot, but I think they use the couch when I’m not home. Or at least that is what the couch says…

    I hate it when kids are running all over stores. And I hate it when they are running around me. I never let my kids do that, so I don’t tolerate being pushed and shoved by other people’s kids. Ugh. I always tell them “HEY. Stop running. And your mom is looking for you”. Emma gets mad at me for doing that, but I don’t care. šŸ™‚ It’s my little get-even.