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February 6, 2012


This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walgreens for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Relationships are important. Take, for example, your prescription medication. You trust that person behind the pharmacy counter to get your medications correct every time, don’t you? You establish a relationship with your pharmacist, you go to him or her for advice or information, and you expect that person to be reliable. You build a rapport with the pharmacy.

Health insurance companies don’t always understand this relationship. They seem to think that we can just throw our prescriptions into any old bin and expect pills to pop out from automated dispensers. The HMOs seem to think that they can just change their policy and yank us around to this or that pharmacy, not caring that we actually build a relationship with certain people who handle our medical products.

Walgreens is different. I have been getting my prescriptions at my local Walgreens ever since they built their pharmacy here, six years ago. I will NEVER go to an automated pill dispenser type of business. I want professional, courteous service from knowledgeable, caring people. That’s what I get at Walgreens. Perhaps you recently heard that a certain HMO pulled their contract from Walgreens, forcing thousands of customers to change pharmacies and end relationships with their pharmacists. So what did Walgreens do? What any good business will do– they offered a better choice for consumers. The company offered deep discounts on their popular Walgreens Prescription Savings Club. Even without the discounts, the price is still right. That’s good business.

Currently, annual membership for the Prescription Club is $35 a year for a family– and this includes pets! For individuals, the cost is a mere $20 a year. As a member, you nab savings on thousands of generic and brand name medications, get discounts on pet prescriptions, diabetic supplies, nebulizers and flu shots. And Walgreens even gives you discounts in their other departments such as photos and Walgreens brand products.

I like a company that considers the needs and desires of their customer base. This has become so rare in our country today. Walgreens likes to connect with their customers, which is why we can connect with Walgreens on Twitter and Walgreens on Facebook. So hurray for Walgreens! They are offering something that so few companies (and HMOs) seem to offer today: choices, with great service!

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