Phun Photo Cards Phor the Whole Phamily!

October 28, 2008


I can’t believe it’s the end of October! Where does all this time go?! Our biggest holiday of the year is Thanksgiving– just one month away! We exchange gifts during that time, too, so I really need to be on the ball. I am sadly behind this year, it’s just gone too fast.

One great gift idea I lean toward every year is VistaPrint. I first heard about them when a young man handed me one of his business cards (he was a tree cutter and we had a dangerous dead tree). He said that he got his cards from VistaPrint– for free! I visited the website and was completely wowed by the selection and the prices there, especially by the lovely photo cards that can be customized. (I like the personal touch for my cards). I tried out VistaPrint’s business cards, and was so happy with my purchase that I bought more for me and my daughter. I now go to VistaPrint for all my printing needs. They are reliable, trustworthy, very professional, offer great ideas and designs, and have excellent prices! For example, you’ll see that some holidays photo cards are on sale right now for $3.99. That’s NOT $3.99 each like it is in the stores– that’s $3.99 for a bundle! And you can have the cards with your own photo and your own message, shipped to your door! I think it’s a great deal.

I highly recommend VistaPrint. They have everything! And they do a terrific and timely job. Check out their website for more ideas and information. <

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