Piggy Banks Go High-Tech

April 22, 2010


Sheesh, when I was a kid, I had a PLAIN OLD piggy bank. You know the kind:

But like so many things, piggy banks are going really high-tech today! Wanna see a very cool piggy bank? It’s called Ekonomi interactive money box. It’s adorable, I want one!

I think it’s adorable! Basically, you insert 3 AAA batteries into the Ekonomi money box, plug the Ekonomi into your computer through the USB, and set up an account at the Ekonomi website (free to register). There, the child can keep track of the savings– the amount in the box actually displays on the website! As more money is dropped in, the computer reads it. The concept is ingenious. Your child can make plans for financial savings and goals– the cartoon characters at EkominiVille teach the concepts of savings and budgeting in games and interactive lessons. The characters will also help the child donate to charities and save for goals. It’s very impressive. You moms have just got to check it out. I think it’s very affordable– $40 and it comes with free shipping and a free wallet. Plus, Ekomini allows parents to follow along withthe child’s online activities and progress, and customize the experience.

Ekomini was created by a father from Canada, Philippe Racine, who realized that his young daughters knew next to nothing about money. He created Ekomini with them in mind (and of course they gave dad advice on how to improve things, lol). Focus Montreal on TV did an interview. It’s very informational!

Ekomini is totally cool! It’s really geared for kids ages 8 to 12, but I think younger and older kids may like it, too. The cartoon characters are crafted for the younger kids, but older kids may like the concept of managing their piggy bank via the computer. I know I’d like it!

Check out the website- the Ekonomi money box. This would make a perfect gift for birthdays or the holidays, grandparents. This also makes a perfect addition to the homeschool mathematics curriculum. You can purchase Ekomini at the website, watch demo videos, and learn more about the project. It’s made with kids in mind, and I think the Ekomini folks have done an exceptional job. Thumbs up!

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