Plastic Baggy Fly Experiment

June 3, 2010

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The preliminary results are in regarding my scientific experiment: The Southern Method and The Northern Method for Getting Rid of Flies. You can read in my first article why I call it The Southern Method and The Northern Method. And you can also read that I decided to do the water-filled plastic baggy method first.

Initial results are in:

Baggy Fail

A little subtle, no?

The thing did NOT work! As a matter of fact, the flies just buzzed right on into the garage, BETWEEN the two bags! I don’t see how this works in the South. I guess Northern flies are not as superstitious as Southern flies. I did a little researching on the Internet, and found no “scientific evidence” that this thing worked. One guy did the plastic baggy experiment and recorded the failed results; he did it in a closed building, and supposedly you’re supposed to hang the bags in daylight or sunlight. The light bounces off the water shining through the clear bag, and the flies are supposed to be scared away.

Nope. My flies seems to enjoy the little spotlights. I suspect they were rehearsing for some amazing fly vaudeville act, even, since they were organizing so well.

I wanted to give the plastic baggy thing another day, just to *make sure* this was not a dud experiment. But my daughters said “no way.” They were sick of swatting flies, and didn’t want to do it again for another day. So…
OK, well, now we’re going to try The Northern Method: a purchased fly bait trap AS SEEN ON TV (yeah, big whoop) and approved by the U.S. military!

It’s (insert superhero voice) Flies Away!

Fly Bait Kit

This kit cost me $10! And you have to replace it every month. I can’t believe that stupid flies are going to cost me $10 every month…. IF this thing works.

Stay tuned, boys and girls! I’ll have an update very soon.

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6 Responses to “Plastic Baggy Fly Experiment”

  1. Jen Says:

    What about a bug zapper? Do those work on flies? I don’t know. I only know that when we have flies it’s time to pick up the dog poop in the backyard.

  2. Lin Says:

    I didn’t think the bag of water was going to do anything, but it is worth the try, right?? I’m still wondering what the theory is behind that.

  3. Secondary Roads Says:

    Maybe if you ate more okra . . .

    Today, I have an award for you on Secondary Roads. Please stop by.

  4. Pat Says:

    Rebecca, Are you sure your friend wasn’t pulling your leg? Or someone was putting hers:) I’ve lived in the South all of my life (part of it in a rural area) and I have never noticed anyone hanging water bags to get rid of flies. Some people used those sticky fly strips, and I can remember my mother having one on the back porch. If there were a lot of flies, they didn’t work too well either. Is there any way to hang some kind of net over the openings in your temporary kitchen?

    • Rebecca Says:

      Jen: Bug zappers require electricity, something I don’t have a lot of just yet (we’re still renovating). But good idea…

      Lin: I wonder about the theory, too! If you do a search for “water plastic bags flies” you’ll come up with all sorts of odd stories about it!

      Chuck: LOL!! Um, okra is not my thing. I do like kale, though, and collard greens! Thank you for the award, I will be there directly. 😀

      Pat: I’m very sure my friend wasn’t pulling my leg… I’ve since heard about it from a few folks. I believe a lot of the baggies were in the state of Georgia and maybe the Carolinas. I have never seen anything like it in my state (and I’ve been around the state quite extensively) or anywhere else. Maybe it’s because the bags, if they fell on someone, would be a hazard. There are more lawyers than people up North, so you can imagine all the lawyers coming out of the woodwork to “protect” the “little guy” from the hazards of plunging water bags. :-p

      Your net idea is great, and we did think of it.. but we would have to construct a huge removable frame with screening… which we have not the time nor the money to do.. and then there’s the cats, who would be scratching it all the time…

  5. Singapore Short Stories Says:

    Interesting post! I hate flies too!