Playing Taps for the Konica-Minolta

January 28, 2010


It’s over. Me and my Konica-Minolta laser printer. It was never a great relationship anyway. I bought it from the budget bin years ago, and it was outdated and no longer being manufactured back then. But this morning, I had to print pages of a workbook for my son– and of course, I’m busy and in a hurry– and the blasted thing started whining at me. Wouldn’t print, then made everything freeze… and after I rebooted my computer, it automatically started up, whined with a high pitch, and printed out the pages TWICE. The thing hates me. And it’s reciprocal! Gah! It’s not compatible with Vista– only through extreme hacking have I got it to work…. but I guess it’s over. I’m going to donate it to my girls’ computer station.

Thank God, I got some extra work this month (YAY) and I can get a replacement printer. We school at home, and I print dozens of worksheets, so having a printer is crucial. And I must have a laser printer because they don’t guzzle the ink like the ink jet printers do. I popped in at my local Big Box electronics store to check out their laser printers. 😯 Whoa. $200!!! And that doesn’t include the $75 toner?! Holy guacamole, people!!!

And then I went home and looked up the model at Wouldn’t you know– it’s right there, on sale! The Brother HL-2170W Laser Printer! Wooo! It’s selling for $107! includes a promotional instant rebate from Brother, plus has lower prices AND free shipping! Wow! The Brother printer has ethernet and wireless capability, so no need to have to rig it up to one of the computers on my home network (what a pain that is). Toner is inexpensive, too (well, relatively): $50.

I just love They always have something I need (and, heehee, things I want) on sale. And they have everything it seems!

Plus, it’s so great being able to claim this on my business expense budget! :shades:

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