Please Don’t Get Mad At Me…

May 20, 2010

Blabber, Family

You may see sponsored posts a TAD more frequently this week, with fewer posts filled with my inane charming wit and personality (although I do try to inject it into the sponsored posts as well). That’s because we are gutting the downstairs of my home this week. And I’m exhausted. And I don’t *feel* like blogging very much… but there are still bills to pay and kitchen cabinets to get.

So please don’t get mad at me!! I will be back to my regular old self in the near future. Right now, I’m coated in plaster dust and my hands are all blistered. (you feel sorry for me yet lol).

Anyway, I try to choose relevant posts (there are actually some neat offers from companies that I have found!) for the sponsored posts.

If you’re curious as to what’s going on here at the Ol’ Homestead, see my home blog, New York Renovator. But prepare yourself….



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3 Responses to “Please Don’t Get Mad At Me…”

  1. Carole Says:

    First of all, I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say, we all want you to have your new kitchen!! So if we have to see more paid posts than usual, it’s a small sacrifice to make to help a great blogger and friend! šŸ˜€ Secondly, with all that work you’re doing, I hope you actually picked up some of those yummy looking Dove bars for yourself that you posted about below – YOU DESERVE THEM!! LOL! šŸ˜€

  2. Karen Says:

    No problem! I hope you eat well and stay healthy during this remodeling process.

  3. Lin Says:

    Okay. I get that. I’ll still be coming by to check in on progress on both blogs. šŸ™‚