Poke the Pope!

September 17, 2011


Is it sacrilegious to poke the Pope on Facebook? Is it sacrilegious that the Pope is ON Facebook?! The Catholic Pope, Joseph Ratzinger, is on Facebook. Surprisingly, he only has 9,397 friends. I thought he’d have a lot more.

….and looking a little closer… is that REALLY the REAL Pope’s Facebook page? It says “public figure” at the top, but who knows? Does Facebook have an account verification system?

The Pope’s Facebook page is strangely… lame. I mean, I expected to AT LEAST see a YouTube clip of Whoopi Goldberg in “Sister Act.” There seems to be a lot of pictures of posters in foreign languages, and several photos of someone’s thumb with a *really weird* religious-looking scar on it that — not SURE here but I do wonder — looks a little like the Virgin Mary?!

I bust laughing when I saw this cartoon on the Pope’s photos:


But I’ll have you know, Mr. Pope, that jerks are NOT God’s fault. They are the JERKS’ fault (see Letter to the Romans)!

Which reminds me– like any good Protestant, I also searched for the Facebook page of Martin Luther. Lo and behold, he’s there! And he has a mere 5,579 friends! That’s actually not too bad for a dead guy, but HEY! COME ON, people! Peewee Herman has 555,874 friends!! Frank Zappa has 37,208! That’s just plain weird.

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One Response to “Poke the Pope!”

  1. lin Says:

    The Pope on Facebook??! Really??! Like he’s got nothing better to do than post photos and such? Makes me wonder what he would post about:

    “Prayed all freakin’ day–my knees are KILLING me!”
    “Holy water…YUM!”

    FB is ridiculous, don’t you think? I do. I mean, how can dead people have a page?