Polydactyl Paw Prints

January 14, 2010


Ever wonder what polydactyl kitty paw prints look like in the snow? Wonder no longer:

polydactyl prints

I took the Snow Queen outside today. Got sick and tired of her sniveling at the doors and windows! That’s her paw print to the left, partially on top of one of our other “normal” cat’s paw print. I love the blue glow to the snow, although our snow is not really blue! It’s weird how it turned out. You can see more photos of our princess here. šŸ˜€

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6 Responses to “Polydactyl Paw Prints”

  1. Jay Says:

    Oh, that is so cute! So she set one foot outside and decided that it was too cold for her?

  2. The Other Alice Says:

    Great shot! Yeah, that blue color is neat, I think.

  3. Rebecca Says:

    Hi Jay. No, we had a hard time dragging her back in the house, actually. You can read my New York Renovator for the full thrilling story.

    Alice- the blue must be from the Kodak camera; it seems to pick up colors very well!

  4. Sparkle Says:

    I was kind of wondering what her paw prints must have looked like!

  5. blueyes Says:

    My cat had gotten out one time and was out the entire day when it was a bit chilly. Now mind you she was also ill at the time too as I was giving her saline boluses because she was in kidney failure at the time and once I finally found her after frantic hours of looking she never went near that door again lol

  6. Jen @ After The Alter Says:

    Wow what a big beautiful cat! My little Pomeranian is only 3.5 lbs! lol