Postcard Scribbles

June 13, 2012


One of the kids’ computers was going screwy yesterday. Tons of dust messing with the fan. When a computer overheats, it tends to be a little temperamental.

Did you know that you can buy a can of air to clean out your electronics? Yes, AIR! It comes in an aerosol can. But did you also know that the can of air costs almost $10. TEN DOLLARS. FOR AIR. And New York State taxes on a can of air are much too much.

So we used a leaf blower. :grinny:



I was combing through my spam mail to delete it. Lots of spam, wow. Most of it was from “imposters,” or made-up names of people “needing” me to “see this email.” One of the names was Latrina.


I hope that’s not a real name. Because that would be bad. Very bad.


I’m at that age where my body is a walking hygrometer. Based on my bones, I’m guessing a humid day today with rain in the forecast later. :-p


I spend a fortune on Sharpie markers. You know why? Someone keeps stealing them. So I am always buying a new bright, shiny package with all sorts of colors… but the colors I need more for my projects are black and red. And EVERY SINGLE TIME I need my black or red Sharpie marker, it’s never at my desk. It’s GONE. And no one knows where they went, either! NO ONE KNOWS. One of the great mysteries of the century, people! The Sharpie markers, sensing they are free from their paper and plastic packaging prison, simply jump down from my desk and walk away! And my desk is filled with useless yellow and pink and orange Sharpies! :gah:


And dear friends I now leave you with a corny photo. The iPhone is such a neat gadget, but YEAH, slamming the phone on a caller just doesn’t have that satisfaction anymore, lol.



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One Response to “Postcard Scribbles”

  1. Secondary Roads Says:

    I take my computer to the barn. There, it has an encounter with an air hose. I just give it short blasts from a distance.