Prep for SAT And More

December 25, 2008


Well, I have two kids priming to take their SATs in the near future (whewwwww it’s been a long 12 years, lol). It’s really, really gratifying to see one’s kids finish school after years of homeschooling. Wow.

And I SURVIVED!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, I guess the kids deserve some credit, too. LOL.

Seriously, they have worked very, very hard. We emphasize education– it’s become a lifestyle for us. I’m hoping the kids can go to a good college and get a good degree for a trade they will enjoy. But the preparation for that continues. I did poorly on my SATs. I attended public schools all my life and was pretty much completely on my own when it came to my education. Regrettably, I had a very poor education and I had to relearn a lot of stuff on my 20s. I think I was one of those kids who would have benefitted from a tutor. Kids NEED tutors, whether it be a parent, a teacher, or a professional tutor. Kids aren’t born knowing algebra and calculus!

Tutors aren’t just for homeschooled kids– public and private-schooled children need them. In this world today, young people need that competitive edge and education to do well. Consider getting a tutor if you don’t have the time or education yourself. Consider the ClubZ! Tutoring program– they are the largest one-on-one tutoring program, and they are very unique. They use the student’s OWN curriculum and don’t introduce new material (a definite plus!). They have qualified, accredited tutors who have teaching experience and Bachelor’s Degrees, at minimum. They schedule lessons around YOUR time, not their time. And best of all, they work with the child, one-on-one. That’s something a public-schooled student does not have, and how I wish I had it as a kid! ClubZ! specializes in SAT Test Prep and other preps for all standardized tests. And if your child has ADD, no problem– ClubZ! will work with your child and treat him like an individual.

Kids, more than ever, need guidance with their education. I’m grateful that my kids do so well, but it was a long journey or a lot of hard work that brought us here. Not everybody can homeschool or give their child complicated tutoring help. It is so cool that ClubZ! can help! Check them out.

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