Pretty Furniture!

May 26, 2009


Well, while this kind of store doesn’t exactly qualify as “frugal,” the antique reproductions made me drool. lol.

Years ago, when we were house hunting, our realtor (who had raised seven children) advised us about furniture shopping– he said buy junk until the kids were grown, then throw it all out on the curb.. and THEN get the really nice stuff. I guess he knew firsthand how destructive the little monsters darling, sweet children can be on furniture.


I’m still waiting for that day…

In the meantime, I can dream! The store is ELTE. They have a lot of vintage-looking stuff. I think the Victorian style is sooo beautiful! I’m not keen on the angular, geometric shapes that started in the 1920s and have continued to today. I like the older styles because they seem more child-friendly (rounded corners) and are beautiful. You can browse by collections or types of furniture. And the Ginger’s Bath section is lovely!

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