Printer Woes and Wants

November 28, 2009


Printers hate me. Yes, they do! I have had over a dozen printers in my computing life (ten years now), and the printers resist me every step of the way. If they are not eating ink like there is no tomorrow, they whine, they complain, they don’t like the port they are plugged into, they decide what THEY want to print whenever THEY feel like printing…. I have a very tempestuous relationship with printers, especially ink jet.

I bought a cheapo laser printer (Konica Minolta) a few years ago. It prints only in black and white, but the toner cartridges were pretty inexpensive (*only* $60!). And it’s been a reliable printer. That is, until that lousy Bill Gates decided to create VISTA!!! I’ve had problems with my laser printer ever since I got a Vista machine. Hoh boy, what a headache!

So I’ve HAD IT up to HERE with older printers. I just can’t spend all day fixing them and crying over them anymore. I have decided to live my life, take control, and DUMP the blasted things. And this time, I’m saving up for a NETWORK printer– a laser one– that allows for networking AND color AND will work with Vista and Windows 7.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce to you….. *curtains open*

The Brother HL-3040CN Digital Color Printer with Networking! Isn’t it lovely?! It comes with a built-in Ethernet network interface for printer sharing! Yay! And it has a “Toner Save” mode to keep it from gobbling up toner. It’s on sale at for the phenomenal price of $164 and has free shipping! has the best price around- I checked. It’s a nice one, and the Geek Squad dudes recommended it to me. And the toner is cheap– has the best price (once again!) for toner at $47.

Plus, it is fully compatible with Vista and Windows 7. All I have to do is plug it into my ethernet router hub, and everyone has printer access from ONE printer. No more hassles with the four printers connected to everyone’s computers. Oh, the joy.

So what next? Why, I’m going to leave hints all around the house, that’s what’s next! This would make the perfect gift for me! 😀 hee. I’m so subtle, I know. I think it would be a blessing for them as much as for me– because I won’t be a ranting, raving printer-hating maniac anymore! :mrgreen:


One Response to “Printer Woes and Wants”

  1. Lucas Says:

    Is the HL-3040CN wireless as well? As in, does it allow you to print via your wireless connection? That’s what I’m looking for at the moment – so I can print with my laptop from anywhere in the house! I found a great reference for purchasing a printer as well if you want to check it out… Buying A Printer Good luck in getting your printer!