Probably Comes As No Surprise

February 5, 2014


I’ve been blogging, seriously, for about ten years now. Ten years! It’s been so much fun. And it’s been not much fun, too. I’ve gone through the blogging blues, breakups of blogging companies and blogging communities, blogging for money and blogging that cost me money, blogging fame and blogging notoriety, and have even had the dubious “honor” of having my blogs hacked. It’s been a full decade.


Now what do I do?

I hate to simply close everything with one quick, electronic swipe. There’s some pretty entertaining stuff here. A part of my heart is here. But I’m needing change.

Still, even now, I come to blog when I need to ponder aloud to contemplate my blogging future. So maybe I’ve still got a bit of the old stuff in me. I’m just not sure it’s enough to keep a blog going.


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2 Responses to “Probably Comes As No Surprise”

  1. Secondary Rds Says:

    We do seem to go through those periods when blogging hardly seems worth it. I’m just coming out of one of those. Thus far, you are beating the blog life expectancy odds. I’d be very sad to see you go. :gloomy:

  2. Lin Says:

    10 years is a long time to be blogging. I’m at 5 and I’m running out of things to say, especially now that the kids are gone and we are boring. I say don’t delete though. It’s fun to go back down memory lane for you and us.