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September 25, 2008

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You’ve got a great blog, a great template, good content, but you need more readers! What to do? Why not promote your blog offline? This is the “in” thing to do these days– buy business cards or t-shirts and promote your site! I bought business cards for my travel blogs, and I love them! I got them through VistaPrint, one of my absolute favorite printing websites. I first heard of Vista from the guy who cut down a large tree on my property. He had the nicest business cards, and he said he got them for free from VistaPrint. Vista offers free, simple cards for people to try out. I took them up on their offer, and was so impressed with their customer service and pricing that I bought a whole box of customized cards for my travel blogs. I leave my card when we travel, or use them to give to people who are interested in our excursions.

I’m planning on getting some t-shirts printed up for us with my logo, and possibly expanding my new cards to include all my blogs. I highly recommend VistaPrint. They have more than cards and t-shirts, too! They have car magnets, rubber stamps, invitations, stationery, sticky pads, wall decals, calendars, and loads and loads more– and everything is fully customizable. And their prices make me very happy. 🙂 They have some free products if you are timid about jumping right in (but you needn’t be). And I have a handy little promotional code for you for your order at VistaPrint. Ready?

Use the code VPRINT25 for 25% Off your purchase, site-wide, at VistaPrint.

Send your kids off to school with a t-shirt promoting your website, or have a business card with your url on it– how cool is that! I love VistaPrint, and I know you will, too! Check them out! <


2 Responses to “Promote Your Site with Vista Print”

  1. Dan Brantley Says:

    Thanks for the tip on VistaPrint.
    Cafepress has some great resources too. Upload a logo, pick you items, and you’re done. You can always buy your own stuff at “cost.”

  2. Fida Abbott Says:

    Ha, ha,…yeah I have used them too. They are great, aren’t they?