July 5, 2008

Blabber, Freaky

I never took drugs as a girl. I was a very good girl as a teenager, and avoided the entrapments of sordid teen living that plagued some of my friends. They always marveled how “good” I was– I never drank alcohol (except Kosher wine on Rosh Hashanah, and that stuff was so thick and sweet it could barely be called wine), never smoked a cigarette, never took a drug except aspirin, and never exhibited any inappropriate behavior with boys. I saw all the problems my friends had, and figured that was not for me. Plus, my stepdad told me he’d KILL ME if I did that stuff. That was a good motivator. šŸ˜€

So it has been with a little trepidation that I have been taking prescription medication for my back problems (I have herniated disks that pop out when I am too active). And when I get a prescription, I research the stuffings out of it. I Google everything there is to know and more about this nasty little pill I have to take, yuk!

One of these drugs is called hydrocodone. Side effects include possible stomach upset, drowsiness, and– get this– euphoria. Well, well! Guess which side effect I’m having tonight??

LALALALA…. you’re right! Photobucket

bananaspinbananaspin wooooohooo!

I’m floating, I’m flitting…. ha! My husband has removed all things like glass and won’t let me fill out balance transfers forms when I’m like this, LOL!

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10 Responses to “Ramblings”

  1. Lady Banana Says:

    Better than the pain I’m sure..lol

    Just hope you don’t get addicted…

  2. Rebecca Says:

    I won’t get addicted. My dad would kill me!!!

    Seriously, I took this stuff two years ago when I had a severe bout of pain. I didn’t have any problem then. I hate taking any kind of stuff, even cold medicine. I’m one of those women who NEVER goes to the doctor unless my husband forces me to. And even then, I rarely go. lol.

  3. Fida Abbott Says:

    Mrs. Mecomber, I have posted an award from you and I also have special gift to you. Please, visit my Blog when you have more time.


    Have great day!

  4. Jean Says:

    Just be careful if you have to drive the car. I hope it gets better soon.

  5. Ellen Says:

    You are such a hoot!!! I need some of that…Will you send me some????:) just kidding Enjoy your euphoria!!!!

  6. Cassy Says:

    You will sleep very nicely tonight! (Just be careful – it can be addictive.. the good sleeping, I mean)

  7. Camille Says:

    I second the be careful part. Have you tried seeing a chiropractor? I know my husband has been helped (and has helped many) with herniated discs with no surgery! There is even a relatively new treatment out there that uses traction to relieve the pressure on the disc and causes nutrient rich blood to flow to the area. He just bought one of these tables for his office and uses it himself.

    Blessings –

  8. H.E.Eigler Says:

    Enjoy it for now, I’m sure it’s better than your pain šŸ™‚


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