Random Funnies for a Rainy NY Day

April 6, 2009


My hopes of doing yard work today are dashed. We even have SNOW forecast for tomorrow night! :-p I’m a little unprepared for blogging, having geared up for raking and pruning today…. well, I guess I’ll do a little spring cleaning in the house today. At least it will warm us up a little! I’ll leave you with some funny random photos; they made me giggle.

I’ve heard of people with some really wacky names: Robin Wing, Justin Case, Marge Arin, Lucinda Boltz. This takes the cake. LOL!


It figures!


Karate School. I’d say everyone passed with flying colors.


You can drive in, but you can’t drive out.


They call him “Killer.”


Drive-in movie rates: half off!


And this is just cool. Why can’t New York City have subway stations like this?

501_subway stockholm

Happy Monday!

5 Responses to “Random Funnies for a Rainy NY Day”

  1. Mizé Says:

    He, he!
    Karate school, lol.
    Good week ahead 🙂

  2. The Hawg! Says:

    “Jed I. Knight?”

    They should have just named him “Butt Kicked Through-Highschool.”

  3. MadMadMargo Says:

    Although I wasn’t attempting to snap a photo of the elusive unicorn, I have lost many a once-in-a-lifetime shots due to a low battery. Aarrrggghhh……


    haha class! great pics some funny stuff there hehehe