Random Toodles #7891

March 29, 2012

Dear Diary

I’m not quite sure if it was the big trip last week or what, but I have been utterly exhausted. There’s just been too much going on constantly and I really need to slow things down. Installing windows, spring cleaning, kids’ activities, work, etc etc. Hence my prolonged absence here and elsewhere. Zzzzzzzz


When I sign up for some new fangled blog roll or other listy kind of thing, I am always so tempted to enter weird information in the sign up forms. For example, when they ask “What kind of blog do you have?” I SO want to choose “wrestling” or “martial arts” or “astrophysiology” or something. But I always play it safe and choose “general.” šŸ™


For the first time in my life, I read Joni, the autobiography of Joni Eareckson Tada. It was written in 1975. It is a very good book. I first remember hearing about Joni a long, long time ago. I saw her on TV way back (maybe in the late 70s) and I remember my mom telling me her story, how she became completely paralyzed when she dove in shallow water. She “got religion” and somehow overcame her disabilities. That’s about all I knew about Joni. The book was very engrossing and I read it in one night!


I had to turn my heaters back on. šŸ™ Temps dipped down into the 20s. Yesterday, the weather guru mentioned something about the “remote possibility” of 4 to 6 inches of snow for Friday. WHAT did he SAY?!Ā  :run: Ā  He reiterated that it was a “remote” chance. Oh, yeah, thanks, buddy. Sometimes I reeeeally wonder if the weather guys like to provoke us, just for fun. Hardy har har. Well, I’m prepared, at any rate. We still have our shovels on the back porch, next to our leaf rakes. :mrgreen: Thus is New York State.


And now I am tired again. I’m going to try to stay up to write another article and blog post somewhere, and then I’m going back to bed for a while! See you later. šŸ™‚

2 Responses to “Random Toodles #7891”

  1. Susi Says:

    I know exactly how you feel. I’m just pooped and don’t seem to get anything done. Ugh. Even after a short weekend away it always takes forever to catch up!!! Hope you get some rest.

  2. lin Says:

    Between the time change and the warm weather, I can’t get enough sleep. I’m exhausted ALL the time it seems! I’m glad it isn’t just me who can’t find enough energy to do it all. I’ve been m.i.a. from blog-hopping too–I just can’t do it all.

    Weather is 40 degrees here today and is going to be 85 on Sunday. It’s weird. I’m half expecting a snow too. Wouldn’t surprise me!