Reality vs. Junk Mail

October 24, 2008

Dear Diary

I’m so tired today. I’ve been tired for a few days. I’ve been working long hours on the blogs lately (coding, writing, and generating traffic), preparing the house for the winter heating season (still have to sew those new drapes), and still trying to hash through the hundreds of emails I get daily. I feel so bad, because I hardly ever have time to respond anymore. Last check, I have 305 new emails to sort through, and that doesn’t include the 200 junk emails I get PER DAY. Plus, I also get a lot of spam comments on the blogs (about 300 per day with the three WordPress blogs).

So tonight I’m trying to empty my junk mail folders. I have to scan over the subject titles, in case I miss an email from someone I want to get an email from. As I read through the titles, I have to admit that I liked what I was reading. If only junk mail was REAL mail. Look at some of this:

From “Kathy”: mrsmecomber I want to buy your house

Oh please. I’ll give it away at this point. lol.

From “Patrick”: mrsmecomber I found you a new job
sending spam, perhaps? :-p But still, it’s nice to know I have a job waiting for me…

“Ashley”: I want to buy your house!
She must be talking to Kathy.

“Research Company”: 75 bucks or your opinion!

Haha. If I open the email, it will probably have a chicken going “buck, buck, buck, buck…”

Debt Solutions says: Easily erase your debt as seen on MSNBC
Ahhh, I’ll bask in that one for a while…

“William” says: Your bank deposit is pending!
That just sounds great.

“Notification” says: Your-Dell Xps Laptop!
I don’t care for Dell, but I’ll take anything that’s free!

So if I go by this junk mail, I’ve got a buyer of my house, a new job, some talking chickens, no debt, more loot, and a new laptop! Also waiting for me were promises of miracle diet pills and sweepstakes winnings! How I hated to hit that “delete” button!

…back to work!


3 Responses to “Reality vs. Junk Mail”

  1. Penny Raine Says:

    don’t you have askimet (plugin for spam) ? works great on all of mine, although I do scan them because some things do end up there that shouldn’t

    blessings, Peny Raine

  2. Penny Raine Says:

    would help if I could spell my own name lol

    blessings, PENNY Raine

  3. betchai Says:

    šŸ™‚ i agree, if all those junk mails will really deliver according to what they say, wow, everybody will be richer with beautiful and shapely bodies to boost šŸ™‚