Really Good Electronics Sales

April 29, 2010


I’ve been waiting (and waiting and waiting) for electronics prices to come down a little lower again. Looks like my patience is finally paying off. After a long year of pricey computers and accessories, stuff is FINALLY affordable again. Who is in charge of all the price fluctuations, anway?! Didya ever notice that the price of gas goes SKY HIGH after a hurricane, and never goes back down again? Hmm. why is that??

Anyway, while I’m still not in a position to get a new laptop (after giving my old one to my darling daughter), I do need a few external hard drives. But prices were floating up around $150 for them, sheesh! But look– here’s a phenomenal price on a 500GB hard drive, for $60 after mail-in rebate! yay! It’s the Calvary Storage 500GB with USB 2.0, and pre-formatted for NFTS computers. Even before the rebate, the price is still good ($75). I like the name, too. 😀 It’s at, and includes free shipping! wooo!

I’ve been noticing that things are selling very quickly at these days. The weekly sale event is very popular. I get the email notifications sent to me… if I hesitate longer than a day, the product is almost always sold out by the time I go for it. Right now, there’s a very nice ruby red Toshiba laptop on sale for $650. Toshiba is a very, very classy laptop (that’s what I gave to my darling daughter), and they are usually very expensive (I won’t tell you what I paid for mine three years ago). To find one under $800 is a good deal. But I can’t afford one right now, because I have a kitchen to build. Maybe next year. But if you need some computers or other stuff like GPS devices or routers or Bluetooth stuff, check out And you’d better hurry!

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