Reasons to Homeschool

September 16, 2008


I couldn’t say it any better than Christine at the Best Homeschool Place. She gives 13 reasons why homeschooling is best.

1. Spending Time With Your Family – at a time when there are more and more gadgets to make our life “easier”, these gadgets also take a lot of our time away from other things. The computer, video games, cell phones, Ipods, and the television, all are distractions. With homeschooling you have more time to spend with your children, no matter how many other distractions are around

2. Setting Your Own Schedule – You never have to worry about your children missing any school days to go on vacation. When you’re homeschooling, even vacation time is school time!

3. Parental Influence over Peer Pressure – With over-crowded classrooms being a huge problem throughout the united states, it’s no wonder our children are more influenced by other kids than their own parents. With homeschooling, the parents have the most influence over our kids.

4. Nurturing a Love of Learning – as a parent homeschooling your children, you can see what their interests are, and adapt their lessons accordingly, which inspires them to learn and instills a love of learning. No worries of an intelligent child getting bored in class, or a child having difficulties being left behind.

Go see more, it’s brief and very readable.

My favorite reasons are morality, nurturing a love for learning, an excellent education, and encouraging family closeness. She gave 13 GREAT reasons! I thought it was well written and worth passing on.

2 Responses to “Reasons to Homeschool”

  1. carol Says:

    We homeschool middle school. Having that extra time with our kids has made a huge difference in their character. Even though they have returned to public high school, they all have been resistant to negative peer pressure.

  2. Dana Says:

    Thanks for the link! I like that nurturing a love for learning, too, although it seems to be working out better for the younger ones.