Regarding Slavery: We Desperately Need a New Underground Railroad

July 24, 2010

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Slavery in America is all over, right? No more slavery! The Emancipation Proclamation, right? Civil Rights and Martin Luther King, Jr., right?

Well, racial slavery is ended. But did you know that the United States is a MAJOR breeding ground for sex slavery? The statistics are disgusting. It is estimated that there are 12.3 million people enslaved in some kind of human trafficking racket. And I saw a report that showed there have been fewer than 3,000 convictions for the crime. Worldwide.

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The stories are even worse. This is something that we really don’t want to think about… but it is unconscionable that it’s going on under our noses. I think this kind of stuff would strike a deep chord with women. I mean, ladies, think about when you were growing up. Did any of you aspire to be a sex slave?? A drug addict? To be whacked around by pimps and abused by slimy dirty perverts? This is a serious problem in our country. I am ashamed that The Land of the Free– who makes such a BIG deal about racial slavery after conquering it 100+ years ago– has such a large market for trafficking. It is SICK.

Women, girls, and little boys are being kidnapped (some of you bloggers feature missing persons alerts, so you know how often this happens) across the United States and abroad. These people are either forcibly taken, or enticed to “travel”; and then they are forced into prostitution. It is DISGUSTING. I recently found out that my area in New York State– the Mohawk Valley between Syracuse and Albany– is a MAJOR roadway for human trafficking. Oh. My. God.

We have seen an immigration explosion in my area, mostly Bosnians and Asians. There are some reports that immigrants coming into the country are being forced into prostitution and then transported to various areas of the United States. And business in America seems to be booming, because America is just overlfowing with perverts and perversion. The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center has a good article about this situation. Pearl, run by Lisa Bevere, is an organization dedicated to stopping human trafficking– funds raised there help pay for “legal raids” on brothels. The redeemed little girls are rescued from a life of prostitution and filth. It’s a very worthy cause, and I recommend that you go there and see what it’s about. There’s SO much to get angry about in our society today. But human trafficking must be stopped. Little girls the ages of 7, 8, 9 years old are being forced into this heinous crap.

Now, there ARE laws in our country against this. There are laws in almost every single country against enslaving minor children into sex slavery. But these laws are either not enforced (gee, wonder why), or mildly enforced. This is intolerable. And as helpful as laws are, it isn’t laws that will save these enslaved people. Our society needs to get right with God and CLEAN UP the country. I sometimes talk with people from other countries, and am so ashamed to say I’m an American, because of all the filth that spews from our country to other countries– the movies, the media, the “news.” šŸ™

I’m still looking into how pervasive human trafficking is, reading various reports and discovering how pervasive this disgusting “business” is. There’s a New York Anti-Trafficking Coalition site that is raising awareness of this major scourge here in NY. And Pearl Alliance has a very good report here, and they break statistics down by country. Atlanta, Georgia, is one of the biggest hubs for human trafficking in THE WORLD. Good God.

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One of the ways Pearl Alliance funds these raids and builds safe houses for rescued girls is through donations and the sale of crafts, made by the girls themselves. Please see this page for more information about that. I like the bracelets made by girls and their families. They say, “It’s NOT OK.” It’s so good to read that. It’s so good to know that these girls realize that living that kind of life is NOT OK, and that there is HOPE for a better life for them.

I’ll have more about this issue in the future, as I study more about it. It’s hard to find information, because this kind of crime is done “hush hush”… that is, until one of New York’s Governors is caught engaging in it, or big football star Lawrence Taylor hires a little girl for forced sex. Makes me so mad that people just shrug their shoulders about stuff like this, as if these girls deserve to be treated this way, as if women are just raw flesh for perverts to consume… :rage: God, help us.

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3 Responses to “Regarding Slavery: We Desperately Need a New Underground Railroad”

  1. megscole64 Says:

    Yeah, I’ve read some sick stories about little girls brought over from various countries around the world as slaves. Not even “just” sex slaves (as if there is any such thing as “just”) but as true, abused, 19th century SLAVES. Locked in closets to “live” for the 6 hours of sleep they get a night and let out to do everything in the house for some spoiled woman who has kids of the same age.

    The one story I remember was an 11 year old who was bought from her country (somewhere in the middle east) and “lived” in the garage with a bucket and an old mattress on the cement. The family had kids her age even but she was their slave. Of coures the family claimed it was “cultural” and saw nothing wrong with it.

    It’s sick and twisted. All those cultural relativists (or however you spell it) who think that all cultures are equal are morons. There are cultures where women and kids are supposed to be valud as more than slaves.

  2. James Says:

    Yes, it’s more than just sex slavery unfortunately, even in the U.S. Just last week there was a big bust on a farm in Florida, where I believe something like 50 Haitians were rescued. They were apparently lured here with the promise of legal jobs, but then their passports were taken by the farm contractors, and they were forced to work, not allowed to leave the work camp, scarcely fed enough to keep them alive and even when the feds showed up to interview them about their work conditions, their “owner” acted as the translator. Americans and Brits needs to rise up like we did before, and rid the world of this. From computer components to cotton for our clothes to cocoa and sugar and coffee, a lot of what we use can be traced back to honest-to-goodness, bought-and-sold slaves. As a famous abolitionist once said, slavery is “an act so unnatural, a crime so monstrous, a sin so God-defying it throws into the shade all other distinctions”… for a person to nullify God’s plan for a human’s life, in order to profit from it, is God-defying indeed, and our involvement, knowingly or not, is a monstrous crime.

  3. Miss Szymanski Says:

    The sad part is that EVERY SINGLE one of us is made in the image of God. Whether we are Christians or not, we are made in His image! No one should have to be treated as less than an animal; yet that is what these slaves go through. They’ve never known love; all that they’ve every experienced was a perverted form of it — they’ve never known TRUE love! Let’s show them the love of God by “buying them back” as Christ did for us: “You were bought at a price; do not become slaves of men.” (1 Corinthians 7:23) Of course, I realize that these people have no choice — they cannot choose whether they are slaves or free; but that’s just the point: WE CAN! We can help to free them by getting the word out about this henious “business” (if you can call it that!). And that’s the great thing about Pearl Alliance; they don’t just free the slaves and leave them to fend for themselves. They build safe-houses for them and plant gardens and one place even had a small salon station for the girls. And the best part is that the children (and women) can support themselves through making those bracelets (ITS NOT OK). I encourage everyone to go out and buy these bracelets, because it will get people interested — it will start up conversations, making more people aware. Also, support Pearl Alliance, even if through prayer! They are doing a great work for the Lord and they need our support!