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January 28, 2011

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OH WOW. I just found a goldmine of a resource, moms and dads. It’s I just searched for activities in my area, and my little town and surrounding area showed up 12 current activities for kids!

ActivityTree is a resource for parents. When you search by zip code, you will see results for kid’s lessons, classes and camps, anything that kids can do– from camp to piano lessons to tutoring to children’s theatre to soccer teams to classes and even chess clubs! I was wowed by the sheer amount of stuff for kids to do in my area. You know how kids are always lamenting “there’s nothing to do around here”? Well, show them ActivityTree. They will change their attitudes very quickly.

The website has maps, location directories, contact information, website links, descriptions of the activities and more. It’s a great resource! Additionally, you parents can get the kids active with the Get Kids Active! Facebook Campaign. Fans can share ideas and results and take polls and all sorts of Facebook-y type stuff.

And if you are stretched thin with the economy the way it is, be sure to check out the Kids Scholarships page. This benevolent program offers financial help to qualifying kids– check out the link on how to enter.

It’s free to use And you have nothing to lose! It’s a great resource, bookmark this one.

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