Resource for Finding Studio Apartments

April 29, 2010


Here’s something cool: a resource for finding your next great studio apartment. It’s called, and they have a growing database of Studio Rentals listings. Boy, I wish I had this available when I was a young person! Back then, I used to go door-to-door, or ask around at the local post offices (those old busybodies know everything going on in town). The only problem with getting information from the postal clerks is that now they know about YOU moving in. :-p

Anyway, the world of realty is now at our fingertips with It’s a nice website. I hope it grows, because the choices are still a little limited for rural towns in my area. But there are loads of listings in the larger cities and towns. The listings show a photo, price, amenities, contact information, and some listings even show floor plans. It’s very nice, nice and comprehensive. If you’re looking for a new pad, this is a great way to start searching. You can search by price, location (zip code, city, state), or by room (number of bathrooms). I like to keep tabs on real estate in my area, to compare housing values and changes in the market. My area of Central New York State is mostly apartment dwellings- even the big old Victorian houses and old factories have been converted to apartments and flats. There’s a shift in some cities in the area to get rid of absentee landlords, and encourage local investment. I see that some places are undergoing renovations, finally.

Check out the site for more stuff to see. It’s a great resource if you need a new studio apartment!

P.S. If you have need of rental assistance and don’t know where to turn, you can also check online at HUD (click the link) or other government housing program websites. They may have a good listing of places available in your area for rent or for sale.


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