Rethinking the Cell Phone Strategy…

July 22, 2011

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It was inevitable.

All the kids want their own cell phones.

I have FOUR kids. Plus there’s me and my husband. That’s a lot of cell phones, you know that? The husband and I have had TracFone for years, but I started to phase over to a contract carrier just because the phones were nicer (I do a lot of texting) and I thought it would be less expensive and more convenient to eventually put everyone on one plan. Yow, boy, was I wrong. Oh SURE, the contract carriers SAY the charge is $99.99 a month for a family plan, but then they charge you $10 for 1,000 texts (PER person), $15 to $25 for a data plan (PER person and it’s required on some phones), and then there’s the outrageous fees, surcharges, and taxes by the feds, the state, and the county! The $99.99 plan easily becomes a $250 a month plan! It’s highway robbery and I can’t believe how shady it is.

Well guess what– if you’re stuck in the cell phone conundrum like me, there’s TracFone. I’m rather impressed by how improved their service has become, and apparently, so are a lot of other real TracFone customers.TracFone is definitely the least expensive cell phone plan around– We currently have three TracFones for the family (my husband loves TracFone), and they cost me about $120 each per year. PER YEAR. That’s a very good price. The kids can text and browse the web all they want without incurring fees, because the texts and surfing are included in the minutes I buy. If you buy a “Double Minutes” card or phone (lots of the new phones come with the “double minutes for life” feature, you don’t spend any extra money. Just about $120 a year for each of us.

Best of all, TracFone is improving their phone selection. They now have a QWERTY phone!! I’m going to get that for the kids. We do a lot of texting. Other TracFone phones sport other features, like Bluetooth technology, cameras, even video cameras and app phones! 🙂 Our favorite right now is the Samsung phone, and one of the kids has a Nokia and a Motorola, but I am interested in that QWERTY one! Phones are very inexpensive, usually $15 to $30.

There are NO contracts, no hidden charges, no cancellation fees. Everything is upfront. I was thinking about putting all the kids on the contract phones but after seeing the new phones with new features offered by TracFone, I think I’ll keep the TracFone service.

You can check out other testimonies from real TracFone customers for more information.

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6 Responses to “Rethinking the Cell Phone Strategy…”

  1. Carole Says:

    I think you know I just ditched Verizon and went to Tracfone, and as a matter of fact, we just got one for our daughter. You are SO right – you think, Oh it’s just XXX per month, and $10 to add another line…but then when you add texting and heaven forbid you want data, even for just two phones it’s a FORTUNE!! We are saving a BOATLOAD of money and the phone and service are just as good as what I had with Verizon. We are seriously considering ditching our landline and getting rid of another monthly bill thanks to Tracfone. Also, I hear they are coming out with triple minutes for life phones – I think they’ve already debuted on one of the home shopping channels.

  2. Rebecca Says:

    TRIPLE minutes?!?! WOW!

    We got rid of our landline and use Magic Jack. It’s *OK.* I’d really rather not have anything- just have cells — but the husband wants a home phone. So I usually use the MJ number to give to stores, etc.

    I switched to a contract carrier because they had smartphones. I’m very happy to see that TracFone now has a smartphone. I will be getting some for the kids!!

  3. Jay Says:

    How cool! I’m totally getting a QWERTY tracphone!! 🙂

  4. dreamweaver Says:

    No more landlines for us either. The only calls we ever got were misdials or solicitation calls. Anyway, we decided to try prepaid, but need to wait until the contract expires, because as you know, it’s so darn expensive to get out of it. In the meantime, we’ve been doing a lot of research and talking to other people about their prepaid experience. It seems that Tracfone is the most popular. And, if what you’re saying is true, that they’re coming out with triple minutes for life, well, that’s just a no brainer!

  5. lin Says:

    We switched out the pay-as-you-go phones a year ago and it’s nice. I don’t like paying for the net though, so only my phone has the access–although everyone has the option IF they pay for it themselves. So far, nobody thinks it is that important.

    We had to switch to a plan because our texting usage went up. I found that texting the kids for everyday stuff (rides, etc.) is much easier than phone calls. Em is a record breaker with an average of 14,000 texts each month. It’s ridiculous.

    What did we ever do without cell phones before?? It’s a love/hate sorta thing.

  6. Rena Says:

    I dumped Sprint and went to StraightTalk. Its a company that is owned by Tracfone. For $30 a month plus tax (around $33) I get 1000 minutes, 1000 text and web usage. The web usage does have a limited amount but I use it every day for hours and have not reached the limit yet.

    They also have a $45 a month plan that is unlimited minutes, text and web usage.