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August 3, 2009

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We homeschool. It goes without saying that we use our computers and our printers a LOT. I spend about– retail, now– about $400 a year in printer ink and paper. $400 a YEAR!!! I hate it. When I think of how those name-brand printer manufacturers rip us off, charging $35, $45, $65 for a cartridge of their measly ink– :cuss: Makes even a lady want to cuss! Gah!

So it goes with saying that I am always on the prowl for deals on ink. I just had a good experience with an online company, and I wanted to share it with you. Because sharing is FUN, boys and girls! :jittery:

OK, so the place is THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST. I did this on my own. I was so impressed by the prices and the service that I decided to become an affiliate for Inkgrabber. See my shiny new button in my sidebar?? See it?? Over there —————–>

(well, scroll down, scroll down; see it?)

OK, so if you want to buy from, you can feel free to use my affiliate link. It will earn me a little cash (always a good thing) and you’ll save lots o’ green on your ink (always a good thing). And right now, I have a bunch of coupon codes for saving more money. Like these: – Free shipping on any order in the U.S. via code: FREEBIE – Save 12% OFF Inkjet & Toner Cartridges via code: JAN12 (excludes OEM & Media) – Toner Cartridges for all major brands up to 85% OFF Retail!

On to my experience. I have an older Konica-Minolta PagePro 1440w. It’s a laser printer, and I got it on clearance… finding toner for it is sometimes tough, and even though toner is cheaper than ink-jet ink, it’s still pricey. The best deal I was ever able to find was $60, at Staples and eBay. Inkgrabber has “compatible” cartridges for it for $40! I bought three. I feel a little giddy about it, because I really took a leap of faith there. But I got a good deal, and I had a coupon code which saved me some cash. I received my toner cartridges last week, and placed one of them in the printer. I am so happy to say that it works beautifully! It’s great to have my laser printer up and running again.

Toner Review

The only downside to InkGrabber is that it took a while to ship here. I placed my order on a Friday, late afternoon. Inkgrabber didn’t ship my order out until Tuesday morning. And then, I didn’t get my package until the following Tuesday. So it was a rather lengthy wait. So if you order from Inkgrabber, be sure to order BEFORE you run out completely. Otherwise, you will wind up having to run out to the local store to pay through the nose, retail. No one likes to do that. 😮

So today, I ordered more ink– for my newer Canon Pixma mp530, that guzzles ink like a ’69 Cadillac. And the dang printer takes SIX CARTRIDGES. Each cartridge costs $16 a PIECE. That’s $100 just to feed my printer ONE FULL TIME. Add $10 sales tax, and well… Houston, we’ve got a problem. At Inkgrabber, I bought a set of compatible cartridges for $5 a PIECE. I bought a huge bulk-sized set, so I saved because I bought more at once. HOLY COW. That’s when I became an affiliate. Just now.

So I’m very happy with Inkgrabber. I hope you will be, too. Their site is not flashy, they are a simple company with a simple mission– ink. Just ink. I expect to give them a LOT of my business.

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