Review of the Hamilton Beach Brew Station Coffeemaker

April 10, 2010


My $15 Mr. Coffee cheapo coffeemaker went on the fritz. Since we guzzle coffee around here like a fish gulps water, I had to find a replacement, and fast. I picked up the Hamilton Beach Brew Station. It wasn’t cheap, believe you-me. But I’ve only purchased three coffeemakers in my entire life before this, and I do like my coffee.. so that’s how I justified it. :mrgreen:

I love it. The unique thing that makes it a “brew station” is that it has a dispenser. You hold your coffee cup under the alcove and press the dispenser button. No more glass carafes, yay!!! (I always was concerned that one of the kids would break the carafe, or be cut by a broken one, while washing the dishes). The coffee is GOOOOOOOD. Perfect with Dunkin Donuts coffee, mmmmmmm.

Another plus is that the coffee tank only needs to be washed every MONTH. Yes! I almost flipped when I saw that, too! I had to check and re-check the instructions, actually, just to be sure. Every month?! You sure?! It says so.

I haven’t been brave enough to let the tank go without washing for one day. I’m afraid the coffee will be bitter and yukky if I don’t wash it. I may go wild and crazy and try a day without washing, we’ll see! I’ve been known to do adventuresome things from time to time…..

The only downside of the coffeemaker is the lack of a level guide for the measurement of water and coffee. I measure the water into the coffee tank and pour it into the water reservoir tank. During this time, the kids KNOW they aren’t supposed to talk to me, but something almost always happens: the phone rings, the kids goof off, the cat jumps up on the counter and knocks something down… and by the time I’m ready to measure the coffee… I’VE ALREADY FORGOTTEN HOW MUCH WATER I PUT IN! :rants:

So, that’s a real bummer. There’s no way to tell how much water is in the reservoir, and I can’t dump it out and start again. I have to hold my breath and *hope* I’m measuring correctly. :-p I may have to make the same amount every time, and stick with that.

There is a guide for the coffee, once perked, but it’s basically useless. Condensation forms in the coffee tank, so the level guide always looks like it’s at 10 cups. I cannot tell the difference, ever. You’d think that with modern technology, they could invent a digital level guide– the coffeemaker has a nice but useless clock on the side. I’d MUCH RATHER ditch the clock and have a digital level guide.

Another little stinker are all the extra buttons on the side that do absolutely nothing. There’s an upgraded BrewStation machine (for a lot more $$$) that allows you to pre-program the coffeemaker. Mine does not come with pre-programming ability, but the dummy buttons are there, ineffective, enticing me.

So, we’ve had the Brew Station for a month, and everyone likes it: less washing, no carafe, the coffee is good (even when it’s been sitting for a while), and the dispenser is very cool. Considering the cost of the only other alternative I looked at (a large silver percolator), I think the Hamilton Beach has been worth it. We’ll see how it lasts after months of continuous use! :shades:

P.S. This is not a sponsored review; no one paid me to write this. But I sure wish they had!!!!



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