Rocket Fuel in Baby Formula

April 8, 2009


Un.Believe.ABLE!!!!!! Unbelievable!!!!!! I found this at the Food Renegade blog:

A recent study by the U.S. Centers For Disease Control discovered a chemical used in rocket fuel in several different brands of powdered infant formula.

It’s called perchlorate, and it’s turned up in the drinking water supplies of several cities, particularly those near defense and aerospace sites. The study done by the CDC noted that the levels of perchlorate in infant formula could easily exceed what’s considered a safe dose for adults if mixed with water also containing the contaminant.

The news article about the study is here.

Traces of a chemical used in rocket fuel were found in samples of powdered baby formula, and could exceed what’s considered a safe dose for adults if mixed with water also contaminated with the ingredient, a government study has found.

The study by scientists at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention looked for the chemical, perchlorate, in different brands of powdered baby formula. It was published last month, but the Environmental Working Group — a Washington, D.C.-based advocacy organization — issued a press release Thursday drawing attention to it.

The chemical has turned up in several cities’ drinking water supplies. It can occur naturally, but most perchlorate contamination has been tied to defense and aerospace sites.

No tests have ever shown the chemical caused health problems, but scientists have said significant amounts of perchlorate can affect thyroid function. The thyroid helps set the body’s metabolism. Thyroid problems can impact fetal and infant brain development.

However, the extent of the risk is hard to assess. The government requires that formula contain iodine, which counteracts perchlorate’s effects. The size of the infant and how much formula they consume are other factors that can influence risk.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, aware of the debate over perchlorate in food and water, has not recommended that people alter their diet or eating habits because of the chemical.

The study itself sheds little light on how dangerous the perchlorate in baby formula is. “This wasn’t a study of health effects,” said Dr. Joshua Schier, one of the authors.

The largest amounts of the chemical were in formulas derived from cow’s milk, the study said.

This just makes me sick. I can’t even rant about this, it makes me so sick. I have a niece who was stricken with leukemia. Weird thing is, hundreds of other people in her town were stricken with leukemia, too. This is called a “cancer cluster.” There is a military base just outside of town, and the transports spew rocket fuel all over the land and in the scanty water resources there. Of course, the government denies any cluster and denies all wrongdoing on their end.  It’s so maddening I could explode!

4 Responses to “Rocket Fuel in Baby Formula”

  1. Sher Says:

    Hi Rebecca,
    That’s pretty scary! Wonder why they can’t ban that substance????

    Great post…and I’m with you…this needs to be fixed…now!

    Have a great day,
    Sher :0)

  2. Julia Says:

    Hi Rebecca…I have been quiet lately…life gets in the way..I am back to blogging…drop by…Love your post…it is outrageous…Have you investigated the dangers of BPA? Very scary…..It is a serious problem…Look into it…I have gotten rid of all the plastic in my kitchen


  3. Larry Ladd Says:

    It’s very important that the public understand that perchlorate does not just affect the thyroid, it affects the cd34 stem cells that form thyroid and connective tissue. See York et al 2005 pubmed id 16393938 and Jendelova et al 2005 pubmed id 15929552.

  4. Melissa Says:

    For 8 months in 2007 we lives in a cancer cluster city, Sierra Vista, AZ. The CDC claims there is not a problem and that they found nothing out of the ordinary. Local families say that they did not test in areas the families actually lived.

    College professors investigated on their own and think the problem is a few things combined together. There are abandoned tungsten mines near by, jet fuel pipelines go under the city, and it is a desert so particles are constantly in the air and being inhaled.

    There is another city, Fallon, Nevada that has these same things and they are also a cancer cluster city. Fallon is the home of the “Top Gun” fighter pilot training.

    Sierra Vista has Fort Huachuca which is the Army Intelligence Center and Davis Monthan Air Force base is close by. They train fighter pilots there too. Training fighter pilots means jet fuel in underground pipes and emergency fuel dumps. Yep, that means that they have to dump all the fuel on the ground before they crash the plane. I was very happy when I moved away from that city.