Roller Diva

April 27, 2008

Freaky, Fun

I was asked to talk about one of my most embarrassing moments. It took me quite a long time to think of one. Not because I never have them, but because I ALWAYS have them. It has been very hard to pin one down. I finally remembered quite a silly moment. It’s from long, long ago, so it isn’t as condemning now. I moved away from the town I lived when this occurred, so I never see these people anymore. Good thing, too, because now that I am a crabby old lady I’d slug them if they laughed at me again.

ANYWAY, here’s the wonderful video I made in which I brag to all the world about my embarrassing moment!

Boy, am I ever glad to get that off my chest! I don’t skate anymore, by the way. I’d rather be doing more productive things, like eating Gulf oysters! Yes, I love shellfish and I am not embarrassed to admit it! I am appalled that some people eat the slimy things RAW. I think THAT would be embarrassing! But I’d never laugh, no, not I! I’d warn them of the dangers of eating raw oysters and suggest that they visit the site for loads of information (and some kickin-good recipes, too).

If you eat raw oysters, come out of your own shells! It’s nothing of which to be ashamed! If they decide to come back up, well, that can be embarrassing… < <

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  1. Daisy Says:

    Skating seems very dangerous! I think it would be fun to ice skate, on account of the
    pretty, sparkly outfits.