Saving Money on Eyeglasses

January 27, 2011


Everyone is looking for ways to pinch pennies these days. Which is, incidentally, good. I think frugality makes me more resourceful and less wasteful. Eyeglasses, however, continue to be a very large expense; is this so for you?

I have a frugal tip for you, even Clark Howard loves it– check out ZenniOptical for low-cost prescription glasses. You can save a ton of money. ZenniOptical is an entire eyeglasses store online, featuring top-notch frames with affordable lenses. They have recently created a new feature to make buying eyeglasses a little easier: it’s called the Try On feature. You can upload your photo and virtually try on different eyeglass frames! It’s kind of fun to play with, too, lol.

ZenniOptical just lowered prices, too, from $8 to $6.95. The frames are nice! Maybe I’m getting funky in my old age, but I loved these frames. LOL, they are so cool! I once had red ones very similar, and loved them. Of course, I’d purcahsed those at an optician where I paid through the nose for them. :-p Not anymore!

Check out ZenniOptical. You are sure to find some very beautiful and fashionable frames that are AFFORDABLE as well. Zenni offers all kinds of lenses, too– single, bifocal, etc. ZenniOptical is devoted to helping people afford eyeglasses. Check them out!

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