Saving Money

October 17, 2011


To my readers: From time to time, I feature a guest post here if I think the information is helpful or if the topic is noteworthy.

Saving money

Author: Joseph Sandoval

I am always looking for a good deal. My wife is always couponing, and I am constantly looking for ways to save our family money. A friend of mine recently told me about a promotion put on by direct TV, and we switched our television provider. We are now saving money every month for the next twelve months. I look for deals everywhere. My wife and I almost never go out to eat without a coupon for the restaurant, and I always pay discount prices when possible. We receive coupons in the mail all the time for everything from carpet cleaning to oil changes, and my family is constantly taking advantage of those deals. As a middle-income household with two children, my wife and I have to work to make sure we are managing our money responsibly. I believe that managing our finances is not only important for the present, but it also demonstrates to our children the importance of being good money managers. I want to pass onto my children the value of a dollar and the importance of living within one’s means. One of the reasons this country has had difficulties in recent years is because too many people have not been able to effectively do this.

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