Saving the Big Bucks

November 6, 2010

Reviews has office furniture! I had no idea! I’ve been keeping my eyes open for a nice desk unit–something for the home office here– and have been very unsatisfied with the particle board junk from China (for outrageous prices, too!). I happened to check out from my new favorite coupon site (, and spotted some elegant desk furniture. Isn’t that pretty! I love the ball-and-claw style. The desk is surprisingly priced at about $600 (before any Macy’s promo code). It’s expensive, definitely, but it’s not any more expensive than those cheapo particle board desks.

With the holidays fast approaching, I want to remind you to NEVER buy anything online without checking for promo codes first! You can really save a bundle of cash with those things. is a good, reliable coupon site that I visit every time I need a deal (which is, incidentally, ALL the time). You can get early notification on deals, too, by registering with the website or following the blog. I registered! And quick check at the for Macy’s shows that orders over $99 have free shipping! There are also a ton of nice sales going on.

Save some money this year– use promo codes and follow the sales. It’s free to go to, and it’s free to use the coupon codes. Check it out!

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