Scents That Never Made It to the Grocery Aisle

July 5, 2012


Oh, the things we do on long road trips.

Besides ranting at traffic and inventing new crayon colors, We also come up with goofy memes. Like this one: Scents That Never Made It to the Grocery Aisle. Here are some of our favorites!

Morning Paper After the Rain (Can’t you just smell it now?)

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Dairy Air

Turnips and Dirt (the son has been gardening the previous day)

Fresh Fertile Farmland (mmmm mmmmm)

Photo courtesy of Malene Thyssen,

Old Spiced Leather

Aged Cheese

Gourmet Garlic and Onion Mist

Burnt Toast — now with Hint of Cinnamon! (evokes memories of my younger years, yes!)

Pepper Spray (to knock out even the most repulsive odors)

Green Flatulence Mist for pets (beat the dogs at their own game)

This Old House Scent (we removed our 100+year old windows this week, and boy, this scent was everywhere)

Timeless Plaster and Lathe (for the nostalgia lover, whoever you are)

Scores of Spores

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Dirty Irish Moss

Occupational Scents:

Plumber’s Delight
Eau de Wrestler
Road Crew Bouquet
Sweaty Italian Mobster

Industrial Scents:

Gymnasium Summer Salts
Diesel Truck Delight

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Smog Alert
Metro Mist

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What scents can you think of?

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4 Responses to “Scents That Never Made It to the Grocery Aisle”

  1. Rena Says:

    Armpit Ablaze

    Famished Feet

    Swamp Sweat

    Top O the morning breath


  2. Secondary Roads Says:

    Limburger cheese gone bad

    Essence of septic tank

    Monkey house at the zoo

  3. vanilla Says:

    Paper Mill Miasma

    Eggs Been a Bad

  4. lin Says:

    “Office Fridge” or “Who-burned-what-in-the-office-microwave?”

    “Day old litterbox”

    or my favorite…and it’s a GOOD scent

    “Sweet Kentucky mountain air” mmmmmmmmm. šŸ™‚