Scrubs a Dub Dub

June 5, 2009


Are you a nurse? I know I have alot of blogger friends who are also nurses and dieticians. I find the medical stories and stuff pertaining to preventative care and healthy living fascinating. As a kid, I read all sorts of books dealing with medical topics, such as Christian Barnaard’s heart-lung machine (it was a condensed Reader’s Digest novel, a great one!), amongst others. Now that there’s the Internet, there’s a huge world open, and you don’t necessarily have to be a medical practioner to enjoy it.

One such website is “Scrubs.” Ya gotta love the name, haha! It’s a site geared for nurses, but there’s a lot to be gleaned even if you’re not in the profession. The latest hot topics on the site are “summer fashion” for nurses– whoda thought? Gone are the days of the boring old white dresses, white shows, and goofy little wimple cap on bouiffant hair! (Thank God). There’s also makeup tips for nurses (hey, we don’t want to scare the prospective clients away, now do we?) and– get this– wake up looking younger tips! Nursing or not, I sure could use that!

It’s a nice website. Good for nurses, good for anyone interested in health issues, nursing, or if you’re just dying to learn all the deep, dark secrets of what make nurses so amazing! Check it out, it’ll be good for you!


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